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From daycare to Daniels Hall: Cousins bring charisma, caring to RA roles

Cousins Vicky and Elizabeth have always been similar, despite an eight-year age gap. But it took a longtime University Housing employee to point out just how identical their paths at Illinois have also been, leading them to a unique discovery.

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Above and beyond: Building service workers come through for students

The impact BSWs make often goes beyond the job description, affecting students in significant and surprising ways.

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Fall 2023

Longtime gardeners cultivate global friendships at Orchard Downs

Something described as “magical” takes place in this Family & Graduate Housing green space: the growth of a community and the blossoming of friendships.

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Summer 2023

Chef Crystol brings a slice of home to University Housing

With joy and innovation baked into every recipe, Chef Crystol Smith and the dining team help students from all over the world feel comfortable and at home.

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Spring 2023

Roommates embrace differences and find comfort

Finding a roommate and navigating college together is a significant and memorable milestone in most students' lives. Lyn and Christine share their story and talk about the importance of communication.

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