Apartment Community Spaces

Orchard Downs Community Center

The Community Center, located at the south end of the Orchard Downs complex, is the site of many of our programs, including the Orchard Downs Pre-School and the Kids Club After-School Program. Residents may reserve the Community Center for their own personal use such as birthday parties, dinners, meetings, and other events.

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center offers information on a variety of topics that relate to families and their concerns. It also contains a lending library where residents can check out resources during scheduled events and Playgroups on parenting, families, childcare, women’s health and even children’s books. The center is located at 1834-A in Orchard Downs.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is a conference room used for educational workshops, International Friendship Group, English classes and the sewing room. Residents may reserve the Learning Resource Center for their own personal use. It is located at 2044-A Orchard Street in Orchard Downs.

Ashton Woods Community Center

The Community Building is located at 2221 S. First Street at the entrance of Ashton Woods. This space serves as a gathering place for social programs, meetings and educational classes organized and led by programming staff.

Goodwin-Green Lounge

The lounge in the basement of 300 S. Goodwin serves as a gathering place for social programs, meetings and educational classes. Many residents enjoy using the lounge to watch television or read newspapers and magazines. In addition, there is a kitchen available for residents to use and can be reserved for resident use.

Additional Community Spaces

In addition to our community centers and lounge space, Family & Graduate Housing is pleased to offer our apartment residents the additional community spaces detailed below for both everyday and recreational use.

Car Wash

At Orchard Downs, University Housing has installed two waterspouts on the back of the South Laundry. Residents can park at the back of the building and access water to wash their cars.

Computer Centers

Computer Centers are open 24 hours a day and are operated by University Housing. Our fast computers, software library and high-resolution laser printers can be important resources for residents. Stuck with a computer or software problem? Ask a Computer Center consultant to help out or consult our tutorials.

Residents of Orchard Downs may access the Computer Center located at 2030-A Orchard Street with their apartment key. Printing charges are billed to university accounts. In addition, wireless access is also available in the Computer Center as well as the North and South Laundry Buildings.

Goodwin-Green residents will find the Computer Center in the lobby of the 300 W. Goodwin building.

Residents with a university login are eligible to use the Computer Centers. Residents are responsible for the supervision of their children in the Computer Center and are expected to follow all Computer Center guidelines as posted.

Ice Machines

Ice machines are located at the South Laundry in Orchard Downs and in the laundry room of the 300 building of Goodwin-Green, which are free for all residents to use.

Outdoor Grills

We recognize that many families enjoy grilling outdoors. Your lease prohibits open fires from a hibachi, grill or other appliance in any balcony, stairwell or entryway of any building. Family & Graduate Housing provides grills for your use. At Ashton Woods, some of the courtyards are equipped with a picnic area and grill for your outdoor enjoyment. Grills at Orchard Downs are located by the Community Center, by the playground at Hazelwood Court, near the Family & Graduate Housing Office and behind apartment 2006 near the playground.

If you do use your own grill on the lawns, keep a reasonable distance from the buildings so that the smoke does not disturb your neighbors. Family & Graduate Housing also provides trash containers for coal and ash disposals that are marked specifically “charcoal.” Coals should never be deposited in the garbage dumpsters. Please use care when barbecuing. Never place a grill next to a building or leave it unattended.

Picnic Area/Recreation

At Orchard Downs, there are numerous picnic areas throughout the community. Please help maintain these areas by disposing of trash in appropriate trash receptacles. Playground facilities are scattered throughout Orchard Downs. Residents are encouraged to use these for fun and safe spaces to play. Young children must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Orchard Downs also features two basketball courts for those who love to play.