Digital Signage

An excellent tool reserved for university departments and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to promote their upcoming events and recruitments. Reach the entire University Housing resident population plus hundreds of daily visitors to our public buildings.

Ad Costs

Ads from organizations not affiliated with the University of Illinois are not accepted. Ads will be shown in rotation with other information of interest to residents and customers. A small fee for this service helps defray costs.

  • University Departments: $50 per week
  • Student Affairs Departments: $40 per week
  • Registered Student Organizations (not University Housing affiliated): $30 per week
  • University Housing Unit or Housing Student Organization: Free

If you are a Registered Student Organization (not University Housing affiliated), please contact your group's advisor for submission assistance, as well as the Student Organization Financial Center to obtain purchase approval. 

Where Ads are Displayed

Digital signs can be displayed in both residence hall/apartment lobbies and dining locations. The following areas are available for you to choose from on the request form:

  • All Undergraduate Residence Halls & Dining Halls
  • Ikenberry Commons/SDRP Residence Halls & Dining Center
  • Urbana North Residence Halls & Dining Halls
  • Urbana South Residence Halls & Dining Halls
  • Graduate Upper-Division Residence Halls
  • Family & Graduate Housing Apartments 

Deadlines and Content

The deadline to submit a digital sign request is two business days before the requested display date.

Ads will be denied if they contain inappropriate material and/or advertising for products or businesses. Examples of inappropriate material include alcohol or alcohol-related functions, sexual content, and racist, or religious remarks.  

Ad Specifications and Helpful Tips

  • Ad must be in JPEG format.
  • JPEG must be sized at 1921 pixels wide x 827 pixels high (or 6.4” w x 2.757” h).
  • A simple background works best.
  • Include a brief, clear headline.
  • 20-30 words allows for maximum readability.