Apartment Move-In Information

We're excited to welcome you to your new home on campus!
Apartment Check-in

If you will be moving into University Apartments at Orchard Downs, Goodwin-Green or Ashton Woods, please check in at the Family & Graduate Housing Office. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need to check in outside of our normal business hours, please email us at apartments@illinois.edu as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements.

The Family & Graduate Housing Office
1841 Orchard Place
Urbana, IL 61801

Please complete forms in your application in advance and provide the appropriate documents (marriage certificate, domestic partner verification and birth certificates, as appropriate) or bring documents to check-in.

When you check in at the Family & Graduate Housing Office, you are given several keys for your apartment. Do not duplicate any of these keys. All keys remain the property of the University of Illinois and must be returned when you vacate your apartment. An additional apartment key may be requested for a family member in an apartment without a co-tenant.

You will also receive a mailbox label with your last or family name on it. This label needs to immediately be placed on the inside of your mailbox in order to receive mail. The post office will not deliver mail to a mailbox without this label. If additional family members have a different last name than the leaseholder, then the dependents should request their own mail label.

All residents are provided with a shower curtain when moving into their apartment. It is important that the shower curtain be tucked into the tub while the shower is in use. Failure to do so will result in water damage to the resident’s apartment and that of his or her neighbors.

Moving Carts

Moving carts are available to residents to help with moving large items into or out of apartments. Residents can come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office to check out a moving cart anytime during normal business hours. Due to the limited number of moving carts, please return within 24 hours. At Goodwin-Green, carts are available in the lower level of each building. In building 1107 Goodwin-Green, the carts are in storage locker number nine. In building 300 Goodwin-Green, they are in locker number 99. You can use your apartment key to access the storage area and the padlock on the designated locker.

Basic Amenities

The Family & Graduate Housing Office will activate the apartment’s utilities prior to arrival. The apartment will have the basic amenities (gas, electricity, water, etc.). Residents at Goodwin-Green may connect to the campus network for Wi-Fi. Residents of Orchard Downs and Ashton Woods will have access to the internet through coaxial cable. Residents can provide a router for Wi-Fi access.

Renter's Insurance

Regardless of where you live in Family & Graduate Housing, you are strongly encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance can protect the valuables in your apartment in case of theft, fire, water damage or other disasters. You can purchase renter’s insurance through a number of local agencies. Consult your phonebook Yellow Pages for insurance companies. Please note that renter’s insurance is not medical insurance.

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