Requirements, Dates and Deadlines


Requirements For Living With University Apartments

To be eligible to live in one of our apartment communities, at least one of the residents in the apartment must be formally affiliated with the university and provide proof of affiliation.

Enrolled graduate students receive priority for these apartments. However, if you are a university faculty or staff member or visiting scholar, you are eligible for spaces as well. Undergraduate students with 30 or more credits are eligible for the apartments at Ashton Woods.

If your affiliation with the university is terminated, you (and family) will be expected to vacate the apartment within 30 days. If your affiliation is continuing to the next academic year, then you may maintain your occupancy without being enrolled during the summer session.

If you wish to share your accommodations with immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings) and/or one other adult with whom you have an established committed relationship, a copy of the following documentation is required prior to occupancy as proof of eligibility (Select 1, 2 or 3):

  1. Marriage certificate or international equivalent (if spouse will be residing in apartment).
  2. Domestic Partnership Declaration Form (if non-university affiliated partner will be residing in apartment).
  3. Birth certificate or proof of legal guardianship for children residing in apartment with single parent.

You may lease a one-bedroom apartment for single occupancy or lease a two-bedroom apartment with a second eligible resident as a roommate (co-resident).

New Resident Application Dates 

Apartment applications for new residents become available in mid-November for the upcoming academic school year. There is no application due date and you can sign a lease anytime throughout the year, with the end of the lease term being July 31.

See the Apartment Lease Terms and Conditions form for more information.

Returning Residents Lease Renewal

Lease Renewal is the time reserved for current lease holders to renew or decline their lease offer for the upcoming year.

Learn all how lease renewal and how it works.


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