Accommodations and Assignment Considerations for Apartment Residents

How do I notify University Housing of my disability, medical, dietary and additional requests?

When completing a University Apartment application, there is a specific textbox labeled “Special Needs” where you can provide disability, medical, dietary and/or additional needs information.
Applicants should indicate any assignment considerations when completing their application.

In most cases, we strongly recommend students apply for services with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) to request a letter of accommodation for University Housing.

Do I need to apply for services with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)?

If you would like to request housing accommodations due to a documented disability-related condition, we strongly encourage you to apply for services with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES), in addition to submitting assignment considerations within the apartment application. DRES is responsible for providing services to students with disabilities and is available to consult with other areas of campus regarding ADA accommodation requests. For more information, please visit or call

If a student is issued a letter of accommodation for University Housing, it is the responsibility of the student to forward the letter to the Family & Graduate Housing Office via Once a letter of accommodation is received by the Family & Graduate Housing Office, we can then work towards addressing the accommodation request(s). Please note that DRES will not share letters of accommodation directly with University Housing due to privacy reasons.

Are there apartments that are fully accessible?

University Housing offers several accessible apartments. Both one-bedroom and two-bedroom unfurnished apartments are available on a limited basis.

Plan to employ a Personal Assistant (PA)?

Residents who require a personal assistant (PA) must employ and provide training for their PA staff regarding their specific care needs. Ongoing PA training from each resident is critical to the delivery of safe and effective PA support services. We strongly encourage residents to start the PA interviewing/hiring process as early as possible. For new, incoming residents, we recommend hiring PAs early enough to submit the PA registration forms by August 1 every year.

A PA must have the following items submitted before being granted access to any University Housing property:

  • completed a current employment contract with the resident.
  • completed a PA Registration Form
  • Successfully completed a criminal background check conducted by University Housing. A background check may take 4 - 8 weeks to complete.

What if I need an emotional support animal or service animal?

University Housing, in accordance with ADA and Illinois 775 ILCS 30/ or “White Cane Law,” will allow apartment residents who present a documented need for a service or emotional support animal accommodation. If a resident chooses to live in the Ashton Woods Apartments (a pet friendly apartment complex), this documentation is not required.

Registration Form For Emotional Support Animals

Students who require an Emotional Support Animal should contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office to request a registration/approval form. The registration form will ask for the DRES letter of accommodation and the most recent vaccination records. If the Emotional Support Animal does not require vaccinations, please submit a letter from a licensed veterinarian. Once you have submitted the registration form for approval, you will receive the list of ESA owner responsibilities for your review and signature.
Residents who are not students should contact the Accessibility and Accommodation Division of the Office for Access & Equity to request a registration/approval form.

Information Records For Service Animals

If you intend to bring a Service Animal to live with you in the apartments, you are welcome to complete a Service Animal Information Record.