Top 10 Reasons to Live with University Housing

Why does living with University Housing make sense?

Because every student is unique, and you have your own personality style, hopes, needs and preferences, there is no one-size-fits-all way to prioritize this list. But we’re confident that within these Top 10 reasons, you’ll see why Living the Illini Life with University Housing makes sense for you!

#1 It’s easy to make friends

As a University of Illinois student, you’re sure to be inspired by your classes and professors as you prepare for a career and professional life. But your greatest college memories will likely be connected to the friends you make and the relationships you form.

making friends at Ike outdoors event

Lifelong friendships begin with the built-in community you’ll find with us!

In our most recent student survey, our residents repeatedly mentioned the ability to make friends as their favorite thing about living in our residence halls. One student wrote, “Living in the residence halls at UIUC allowed me to make friends outside of my major and feel more connected to the campus.”

Another student said, “My favorite thing about living in the residence halls was being able to study and eat with my friends without having to go anywhere other than within the same building. It made getting through college a lot easier because unlike high school, you get to live essentially with your friends.”

#2 Enjoy the perfect location

As a resident of University Housing, you get to “live in the middle of it all,” and you’re always just a nice walk or short bus ride from anywhere you may need to be. A full range of amenities – such as dining halls, computer labs, laundry facilities, fitness rooms, music practice rooms, residence hall libraries, etc. – are always just steps away.

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) has bus stops near all Housing locations, making travel quick and easily accessible to and from even the most distant point on campus. So whether you’re participating in activities with registered student organizations (RSOs) in the Illini Union, attending cultural events at the Krannert Center, Foellinger Auditorium or the Krannert Art Museum, cheering on the Fighting Illini sports teams or exploring entertainment options in the campus district, living in University Housing gives you close proximity to everything you might need.

student holds mirror on lawn during move in

No matter which residence hall you choose, you're never far from classes, dining and fun!

#3 Easy access to resources and support

University Housing offers an academically-supported environment, where you’ll have access to computer labs, study lounges, libraries, fitness centers and meditation spaces. You’ll have the support of live-in professional staff, including resident advisors (RAs) and resident directors (RDs). More than 650 University Housing professional staff members are here to support you inside and outside the classroom!

Plus, living in University Housing means you’ll have easy, convenient access to the McKinley Health Center and the Counseling Center if you ever need physical or mental healthcare services and well-being education.

students in line at Grains and Greens micro-restaurant at ISR

#4 So many food options

Our meal plans allow you to eat in any of the dining halls or retail locations operated by Dining Services. With nine dining locations and several convenient meal plans to choose from, you’ll have a variety of tasty, healthy options offering maximum flexibility and convenience – whether you have time to sit down for a full meal or you’re in a hurry and on the go.

Enjoy made-for-you meals and inclusive dietary options served every day at the four all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. If you’re on the move, you can take advantage of our Good2Go food truck or the Good2Go Carry-Out program.

Our staff dietitian consults on all menus, and our Inclusive Solutions Program provides eligible residents and meal plan holders with severe allergies or intolerances with a stress-free solution to eating in our dining halls.

#5 Thrive in a built-in community

Each of our 24 residence halls, which are organized into four residential communities, offers a unique variety of features, personalities and traditions. Our residents represent the culturally rich and diverse campus where you can truly feel at home.

We offer 10 Living-Learning Communities which can immediately connect you directly with a group of peers who share similar interests. These LLCs provide programming, activities and a focused, intentional way to optimize your University of Illinois experience and help you Live the Illini Life!

Additionally, we offer a number of special living options to serve your individual needs. Designed for a variety of special situations, choosing one of these living options connects you with a unique community and specialized programs. 

rock paper scissors winner celebrates victory

In our most recent student survey, one student wrote, “I really loved the sense of community of living in the residence halls and that I always had friends and other people around.”

#6 Neat and tidy – and not your responsibility

In that survey, when asked about their favorite aspect of University Housing, one student wrote, “Location, didn’t have to worry about food or cleaning up after myself. Reliable housing and maintenance.” Several students noted “clean bathrooms” or commented on how nice it was to not have to clean the bathrooms themselves.

In addition to clean bathrooms and high cleaning standards in general, you can count on 24-hour maintenance in case of an emergency in your building or physical living space. 

A friendly, welcoming team of Building Service Workers (BSWs) is part of the community providing support and ensuring a quality living experience in a place that quickly feels like home.

group of friends eating lunch outside on the grass

#7 Save time and focus on you

By living in University Housing, you are relieved of the time and burden of meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes after every single meal, every single day. You don’t have to lug your dirty clothes and detergent to a laundromat. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up your utilities, internet and cable every semester or every year – and then shutting off services when each term ends. You save yourself time and energy from a trip to campus and the search for parking each time you attend class or a university event.

Living here means you don’t have to rush around cleaning your filthy bathroom before your friends come over … assuming you even remembered to go out to purchase cleaning supplies. That’s already taken care of for you when you live with us.

Your built-in community is already here. Resources and entertainment options are all around you. The time you save by living in University Housing can be spent on your studies, having fun with your friends or getting some much-needed sleep. 

inside a typical students room

#8 Feel safer and sleep better

You can sleep easy knowing University Housing is committed to your safety. 

Outside doors on all residence halls are locked every hour of every day. Individual hall floors are also locked 24-7. You will use your unique i-card for entry. All common bathroom doors in undergraduate residence halls have been fitted with locks, and shower stalls also have lockable doors. All guests must be escorted at all times.

Cameras in common areas and around exterior doorways are part of a campus surveillance network accessed by University of Illinois Police. Security officers patrol residence halls at night and in the early morning hours, and the university provides many resources to help you stay safe even beyond what is offered by University Housing.

#9 A trusted institution means peace of mind

With University Housing as your home, there are no surprises. There are no enormous utility bills in the dead of winter or heat of summer – all your utilities are included, and you know the cost of living here upfront. Managing your expenses is easy in University Housing, with just one bill per semester.

If you plan to study abroad, you are allowed to end your contract after one semester. And our flexible 9-month lease also allows you to go home during the summer. If you live off-campus, you may have to find a sublet or face paying for an apartment you’re not living in for a period of time.

Students’ experiences with landlords vary widely. It is suggested that you research any apartment complex or property management company before signing a lease to learn how well they serve residents when it comes to maintenance issues, noise from neighbors, building security, etc. With University Housing, there are no worries. A team of professionals is on hand 24-7 to take care of maintenance issues and any emergency situations that may come up.

aerial of ike outdoor event ike quad

#10 Events and opportunities around every corner

From the moment you move in with University Housing until the end of the semester, you’ll have many opportunities to attend events, actively participate in activities and socialize in informative, educational and entertaining settings.

From events on your residence hall floor planned by RAs or your Hall Council and guest speakers in multipurpose rooms, to activities organized by Central Housing Groups and the more than 800 registered student organizations at the university, there is always something happening on campus.

Students living in LLCs will have a number of co-curricular (educational) and extra-curricular (typically fun and social) events to choose from specifically tailored to their interests and/or educational pursuits.

In University Housing, you’ll have the chance to be as active and social as you want to be … and perhaps even go beyond your comfort zone, build self-confidence and grow as a person!