University Housing Updates for Fall 2024 – Spring 2025


The next school year will bring some changes to University Housing. Here's a look at changes to come for the Academic Year 2024 – 2025.

Air Conditioning in Allen Hall

Residents living in Allen Hall will be able to enjoy air-conditioned rooms beginning in Fall 2024.

Residence Hall Libraries Closing

University Housing’s residential libraries will be closing as of July 1, 2024.

Innovation LLC Expanding

The Innovation LLC, located in Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR), will expand to include additional rooms on the third floor of Townsend Hall.

Sustainability LLC Moving to ISR

The Sustainability LLC will move from its current home in Shelden Hall/Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls (LAR) to the third floor of ISR’s Townsend Hall beginning in Fall 2024.

Health Professions LLC Closing

The Health Professions living-learning community will be closing after the current school year. It is not a living option for residents after May 2024.