Setting up email

Set up a separate email account to receive all of your University-related email or choose to forward it to an already existing email account.

Setting Up Email Account

After claiming your NetID, you will automatically be provided with a Microsoft Exchange Online (Outlook) email inbox. Sign in with your and password. It may take up to four hours after claiming your NetID before you can log in to your inbox.

Accessing Your Student Email Account on a Mobile Device

You may access your student email account through your internet browser on your smartphone but there are times when that is inconvenient. The other method is using an email client to access your email. You could use either the Gmail app or the default Email application on your smartphone. See an explanation of the instructions and details needed to use this setup.

Forwarding Your Email to an Existing Email Account

If you are a current student, the university does not recommend forwarding your email account to a personal account. Forwarded email may be marked as spam or not delivered at all. Students who still would like to have their campus email forwarded should follow the instructions here

Note: If you are trying to forward your email to your Google Apps @ Illinois account you must enter

More information

For more information regarding email go to Technology Service's page on email.