Moving Out

Abandoned Property 

All items left on the premises (including bicycles and automobiles) at the time of vacating will be removed and disposed of according to university policies.

Check-Out Procedure 

After you move out of your apartment, it will be inspected by University Facilities staff for damages and cleanliness. In order to avoid damage charges, please complete all of the following items before you move out:

  • Please follow the instructions located in the vacating brochure (pdf). This brochure will outline the cleaning procedures you are required to follow and the charges you can be assessed for damages or cleaning.
  • Remember to leave the cable modem, power supply unit, coaxial cables and Ethernet cable in the apartment (you will be charged if they are missing).
  • Remove personal items (toys, bikes, grills) from balconies, stairwells, and storage areas, including storage lockers at Goodwin-Green. At Goodwin-Green, storage areas should be cleaned.
  • Place all garbage and personal items you wish to dispose of (couches, beds, chairs, etc.) directly into the dumpsters. You will be charged for the removal of any items left in your apartment upon your departure.
  • Clean your apartment well prior to your departure. Your apartment should be in the same condition as the day you moved in. Cleaning and/or abandoned property disposal fees may be assessed otherwise. 

Deposit Return 

If you are terminating your lease early, the housing deposit will be returned to your student account once the termination paperwork is approved. If you do not renew your lease for the following lease term, the deposit will be returned to your student account prior to your departure. If damage charges are assessed after you have moved out, your account will be billed and you will be contacted by the University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations office  to pay the outstanding charges.

Forwarding Address

In order to serve you better, it is important for you to provide a forwarding address to the Student Accounts Receivable office.  Also remember to inform the United States Postal Service of your forwarding address.

Key Return

When you vacate your apartment, all keys (including mailbox and laundry keys) must be returned to the Family & Graduate Housing office. If you vacate your apartment on the last day of your lease, all keys must be returned to the office by noon on that day. If you leave during hours the office is closed, please place your keys in an envelope, write your name and address on the envelope, and place it in the drop box outside the front door of the Family & Graduate Housing office by noon (12 p.m.) on your vacate date. There is a supply of small key envelopes located at the drop box for your use.

If all apartment keys are not returned on the day you vacate your apartment, you will be assessed charges for missing keys and for the installation of a new lock. Residents will also be assessed charges for mailbox keys and laundry keys that are not returned. Please refer to the Family & Graduate Housing vacating brochure for current charges.

Vacating Procedures

The Family & Graduate Housing staff has designed a vacating brochure (pdf) for you to use when you are preparing to leave your apartment. This brochure is available online and at the Family & Graduate Housing office. Your apartment will be inspected the first working day after keys have been returned to Family & Graduate Housing. Any charges for cleaning, damages, and/or repairs will be assessed and will be charged to your student account. All items left in the apartment at the time of inspection will be removed and disposed of by the University. If you have been using a locker in the basement of Goodwin-Green, please remember to remove all of your personal items. If you have any questions about these vacating procedures, please contact us at the Family & Graduate Housing office.