Community Organizations

Family Housing Council

The Family Housing Council (FHC) is the residents’ council for the University Apartments. The Council is a registered student organization at the University and was formed to communicate the residents’ needs and interests to the Family & Graduate Housing staff. FHC consists of members from the Orchard Downs, Ashton Woods and Goodwin-Green communities who are elected annually by the community. FHC offers financial support for numerous community programs, operates a sewing room and offers a weekly social program every Saturday evening. The Council holds public meetings at the Orchard Downs Community Center. See the newsletter for details. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Family Housing Council Sewing Room Program

Residents who wish to repair clothing or want to make fabric decorations are welcome to come to the Sewing Room, 2044-A Orchard Street, every Saturday (please check the Neighborly News for operating hours). There is no cost to Orchard Downs residents to use the sewing room. Almost everything needed for sewing is available, including sewing machines, serge (over-locker), iron, chalk, scissors, thread, pins, etc. There is also a Sewing Room Monitor present to help residents use the machines.

Family Housing Council on Facebook

The Family Housing Council Facebook page provides information to residents about programs currently being offered, the monthly calendar and the weekly events.

Contact Information

For more information about FHC, contact the FHC president, Sanjay


The International Honorary for Leaders in University Apartment Communities (IHLUAC) is a program that recognizes the unique and valuable accomplishments of residents living in university apartment communities throughout the United States as well as in Canada and other nations. At the University of Illinois, IHLUAC acknowledges residents who have made outstanding contributions to the Family & Graduate Housing community through service, leadership, initiative in community development, and a positive attitude toward other residents. The selection of IHLUAC members takes place in the Spring Semester. Outstanding residents will be selected for IHLUAC on the basis of their leadership, service, volunteerism, and participation. For more information contact the Complex Coordinator.

International Hospitality Committee 

The International Hospitality Committee (IHC) is a local volunteer organization whose members are interested in the well-being of international visitors during their stay in Champaign-Urbana. This group has been serving international students and their families for over forty years and has been quite successful in their mission. They offer many opportunities and activities for international visitors. Information about programs offered by the International Hospitality Committee is available at the Family & Graduate Housing Office. Residents may participate in any of the following activities or classes.

IHC – English Conversation Groups

English Conversation Groups are small, informal groups of international men or women who meet weekly to gain practical experience and confidence in speaking the English language. Classes are free and may be joined at any time. Schedules are available at the Family & Graduate Housing office, the Goodwin-Green office, the International Student and Scholars office and on our website.

IHC – International Friends

Through the International Friends Program, local American families are paired with an international family. Along with the International Hospitality Committee, the International Student and Scholars office sponsors this program. Families share experiences together, such as picnics, holiday dinners, or an informal family get-together. It is up to the families to meet as often as they like. This experience is a wonderful learning opportunity for both families as they share their cultures with each other.

IHC – Lending Storeroom

Community volunteers operate the Lending Storeroom for the benefit of University of Illinois international students, staff, and faculty and their families. Various household articles are loaned free of charge, to be used as long as needed by these individuals, while at least one person is involved with the University of Illinois. Items such as dishes, pots and pans, tableware, kitchen utensils are regularly available. Glassware, baby items, and small appliances are sometimes available. Individuals are asked to return these items when they are no longer needed so that others may use them. The storeroom is located at 2044-A Orchard Street, Urbana on the west side for the building. The hours are 9–11 a.m. every Saturday, except during winter break. From mid-July through August the storeroom is also open Wednesday evenings.