Illini Cash Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Users


Illini Cash can be used as a way to add cash value to any active University of Illinois i-card, visitor card, or conference card. Illini Cash can be used to purchase food, printing, books, computer equipment, and other select services across campus.

Illini Cash Administration

Illini Cash is managed by University Housing.

Fees for Illini Cash Balance Accounts

There are no fees charged to the account holder to open or use an Illini Cash balance account. There is a $5 minimum purchase.

If an account with a positive balance sustains no activity for 12 months or more, the account will be determined to be inactive. A $5 monthly fee will be assessed against an inactive account until one of the following occurs:

  • Account activity returns it to active status.
  • The account balance reaches $0.
  • The account has been inactive for 48 months, at which time remaining funds will be turned over to the unclaimed property division of the University.


Illini Cash can be purchased online from University Housing at

Statements and Balance Information

Illini Cash balance information can be accessed through the University Housing MyBalances website at  For any questions/concerns regarding balances, users may contact University Housing.

Refunds from Illini Cash Balances

Illini Cash is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person. (See "Fees for Illini Cash Balance Accounts" above related to dormant accounts).

Notification of Loss or Theft

If a card is lost or stolen, visit the i-card site for additional information.