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How far in advance can space be reserved?

Residents can reserve a space 90 days in advance. Housing Staff can reserve a space 365 days in advance. 

Can I still drop in and use a space?

Yes, unless someone has booked the space. Individuals who book space have precedence over walk-ins. If you have an impromptu meeting or need a place to chat or study you can still use the space.

How do I change space set-up?

Events outside of business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, should be reserved 3 business days in advance to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made to set up space. Events scheduled during business hours should be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Changes to set ups should be submitted to servicedesk@housing.illinois.edu, however, we cannot guarantee these changes can be made if it is not within 24 business hours.

How do I cancel a space reservation?

Login to the space reservation system to cancel a reservation. Reservations should be canceled 24 hours in advance in order to avoid unnecessary room set ups by Facilities staff. Residents and staff who repeatedly cancel reservations or have event no-shows may be restricted from making reservations in the future.


Space Reservation Policy


University Housing facilities provide our residents and guests places to study, dine, and build community. A clear and consistent reservation policy applicable across all University Housing spaces is essential to ensure the efficient utilization and management of spaces.


  • Event reservations and/or room setup changes must be made 72 hours in advance of when the space is needed. University Housing will not guarantee room availability or setup request changes made with less than 72 hours’ notice.
  • University Housing facilities may not be used for for‐profit activities except when specifically contracted by Conferences & Special Events or when approved by UH staff. Not‐for‐profit events must conform to the campus policy for such an event.
  • Amplified music utilized in these spaces must not disrupt the community.
  • University Catering must be used in the following locations: SDRP multi‐purpose rooms, SDRP pre‐function space, SDRP east and west Caffeinator sitting areas, Oglesby and Trelease Pagodas
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the space unless purchased through and served by University Catering.
  • University Housing reserves the right to charge for lost or damaged equipment or for damages to the physical space. Lost keys have a minimum $50 lost key charge; fee will vary depending on the number of doors to be rekeyed.
  • Parking arrangements are the responsibility of the individual, group, and/or sponsor reserving the space.
  • Failure to comply with this policy can result in revocation of space reservation privileges.

Group Sponsor Responsibilities

  • The sponsor is responsible for all participants knowing and following University Housing policies and procedures.
  • The sponsor of an event that is marketed towards non‐University of Illinois students under the age of 18 is responsible for complying with the campus Protection of Minors Policy.
  • Decorations cannot compromise public safety or create risk of property damage. University Housing reserves the right to have any and all decorations removed.

Eligible Participants
For the purposes of this policy, residents refers to individuals at the University of Illinois at Urbana‐
Champaign currently under contract or lease and actively living in a University Housing facility.

  • Residents may reserve a space for their own personal use up to five times per semester.
  • Residents may reserve a space for a recognized University Housing student organization without limitation on the number of reservations.
  • Residents may reserve the Community Center at Orchard Downs, the Learning Resource Center (2044A) at Orchard Downs and the kitchen space in any undergraduate housing facility without limitation on the number of reservations.
  • Residents may reserve the kitchens at Sherman Hall and Daniels Hall up to two times per week.

University Housing Staff
For the purposes of this policy, University Housing staff refers to any university employee currently on
University Housing payroll or whose salary is indirectly paid by University Housing.

  • University Housing staff may reserve a space to conduct official University Housing business.
  • University Housing staff may, while acting in an official capacity and as a representative of University Housing, reserve a space for an event. The University Housing staff member reserving must be present during the event.

University Faculty, Students, and Staff

For the purposes of this policy, University faculty, students, and staff includes all faculty, students, and
staff of the University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign campus that do not fall into the category of
resident or University Housing staff member.

  • University faculty, students, and staff may request a University Housing space, but are not guaranteed a reservation.
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may not reserve a space unless the event is co‐sponsored by a recognized University Housing student organization or University Housing unit.
  • All space reservations related to summer conferences and camps must go through the University Housing Conferences and Special Events office.

External Users
For the purposes of this policy, external users refers to any non‐University individuals or groups.

  • External users must contact Conferences & Special Events to reserve space.

 Last Updated February, 2020