Multicultural Advocates (MAs)

Talented student staff who focus on helping build and navigate our diverse residential communities.

Every hall has a Multicultural Advocate (MA). MA’s promote the advancement of multiculturalism and social justice within the residence halls through community and staff development, education, celebration, and dialogue. 

Our communities bring together a wide array of individuals with diverse cultures, backgrounds, interests, perspectives and life experiences. The MAs assist students and staff in each building create and navigate the richness of this diverse community by serving as a resource person, ally, student advocate, peer advisor, role model and educator.

MAs provide opportunities for engagement that promotes:

  • Working toward a common vision and aspirations for the quality of life in our residence hall community
  • Working in partnership with others to continually improve our services and create a safe and inclusive, multicultural residence hall community
  • Celebrating our diversity without division
  • Appreciating our similarities and differences
  • Awareness, education and understanding
  • Supporting residents and colleagues in their efforts to co-create positive, inclusive and diverse communities

The Multicultural Advocates are supervised by the Social Justice and Leadership Education team. 

Learn more about each member of the MA staff. Contact us at with questions or for more information about what we do or how you can join our team!

Meet the Multicultural Advocates (MAs)

Kai | Daniels Hall

Your new community is filled with people of many different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. That diversity is something to be respected and valued. Throughout the course of this year, I hope to support you in forming a community and reaching your highest potential. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year together!


Fen | Bousefield Hall

Hello! My name is Fen, and I am excited to be y’alls Multicultural Advocate. I’m currently a 5th year majoring in Psychology and Gender Women’s Studies, along with being a Research Assistant and Counseling Paraprofessional. I hope to meet as many of you as I can, and I look forward to creating a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone, along with an environment that encourages growth. I have an Emotional Support Animal named, Loki, who is super friendly and chill, so feel free to chat with the both of us.   


Lauren | Nugent Hall

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be your MA this year. I believe social justice is a never ending opportunity for growth and learning, and I'm looking forward to doing both of those things with all of you! I love to meet new people and share perspectives, so if you see me around feel free to say 'hi'!


Jameelah | Barton Hall

What's up, BL? My name is Jameelah, and I'm your Multicultural Advocate (MA) for the 2019-2020 school year! I believe that complacency is an issue that keeps generations stagnant. My challenge this year is to build community and inspire that community to act. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once said that everybody can be great because everybody can serve (1968). We all possess the power to change the world. Will you use your power to sow justice? 


Jabrea | Hopkins Hall

Hello Hopkins! My name is Jabrea Israel, I am an undeclared  sophomore from Chicago, IL and I am so excited to be your Multicultural Advocate! I can not wait to explore, learn, talk, and imagine with you this year! One thing that is important to me for everyone to discover during their transition into college is self-love. Self-love is defined as regard for ones well-being and happiness and it being something desired by all. 


Grace | VanDoren

Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I'm a Media and Cinema Studies major. I can't wait to share this college experience with you as our various identities decorate the U of I campus. We, including myself, always have something to learn. As we strive for social justice in our community, feel free to contact me for guidance, a support system, or simply a convo as we navigate the University


Jessica | Saunders

What’s up PAR? I am a big believer in listening to people’s stories. We live in a place that encompasses different identities and beliefs and these stories can help us broaden our views of the world and inspire us to seek a change within it. If you take a minute to look around, you can see the endless possibilities of stories waiting to be heard. We have a lot we can learn from one another and that is why I am here to facilitate meaningful dialogue about social justice issues. I hope along the way I can help make your college experience a wonderful adventure!


Mariah | Busey Hall 

Hey y'all, what it do Busey-Evans? My name is Mariah Maldonado, and I am from Humboldt Park, Chicago. I am a sophomore studying Social Work and minoring in Latina/Latino Studies. As your Multicultural Advocate, I hope to hold conversations that allow everyone to understand other perspectives and collectively create a community that is inclusive, welcoming, and serves as a safe space. I am excited to meet you all! Remember that your presence on campus is valued and you deserve to be here. Pa'Lante!


Rowan | Wassaja Hall

Hey, Wassaja! I can't wait to meet all of you. I'm a junior in Music Education, so you might hear me singing around the hall from time to time. I'm here to facilitate dialogues about social identity, and I'll be hosting weekly community conversations. I hope to see you there! Email me anytime at to introduce yourself or ask questions. I'm always looking for suggestions- if there are social justice topics you are passionate about, let's collaborate! 


Dunia | Scott Hall

As the Senior MA at Scott Hall, I hope to inspire a movement where we can mobilize together to achieve the goals of our community through education and dialogue on politics and social justice. I'm a Senior majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry and Arabic. I am interested in health inequity where I can bring activism into the medical field. As a Palestinian, social justice and activism are in my soul. Can't wait to get to know y'all!


Brakari | Weston Hall

I am thrilled to be your Multicultural Advocate for this academic year! As an MA I aspire to be a reliable pillar of support and encouragement as you continue your growth as an individual. My position is rooted in ensuring that the Residential Hall is a safe, inclusive, open, and a pleasant environment that all students can flourish in regardless of the identities that we all hold. I trust that this academic year will be fruitful for us all!


Yemariam | Sherman Hall

Welcome! I am studying Community Health and minoring in Sociology. As your MA, I aim to help connect you with the tools that you will need to explore and understand your identity. Our community will be a place where we are all safe and appreciated by those around us. Our existence is valuable, unique, and necessary. Being an Ethiopian-American, I have learned to navigate how to exist as my true self. Please feel free to visit me when you can!


Sabrina | Trelease Hall

FAR, what's good? I'm Sabrina, your Multicultural Advocate! I'm from the Chicagoland suburbs and can't wait to get to know yall! My goal is to be an ally and a friend to all my residents. Our community is tight-knit and representative of so many different identities, and it's my mission to make sure everybody feels safe and included. I love singing, music and films, so put me on to your favorites!


Jennifer  (Jenny) | Babcock

A proud Latina that grew up with the values, culture, and attitude of her Mexican roots. Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, IL in the beautiful barrio of Pilsen. I strive to advocate and find the voice of those that shout from the back of the room just to be heard. New environments are opportunities to learn and grow to become more aware of the world around us. We are here to learn, grow, educate, succeed and repeat.


Nico  | Snyder Hall

Hey y'all! A Latino born and raised in Chicago. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Community Health and i’ll be your Multicultural advocate at Snyder hall! Are y’all ready to ride this rollercoaster with me? I believe it is important to gain knowledge and new perspectives on social justice topics you may not be familiar with. This year I would love to hear stories and perspectives of residents from different backgrounds as well as tell my own!


Niv | Wardall Hall

Welcome to Wardall! As your Multicultural Advocate for this year, I hope to foster healthy dialogue about various social justice topics, and help you thrive on this campus. Feel free to reach out and talk to me anytime, and I look forward to getting to know all of you!


Xochitl | Oglesby Hall

Hello everyone welcome to Oglesby Hall! My name is Xochitl and I am a senior in Social Work. On this campus and at Oglesby Hall, you will interact with individuals from different identities, beliefs, and backgrounds. As the MA, I want to learn about you and with you as we explore topics of social identities, social justice, social issues and so much more. I look forward to meeting you all and to creating a community at Oglesby Hall.


Dimitri | Shelden Hall

Wassup LAR! As an MA, my responsibility is to engage in transformative conversations on social justice topics. I would love to see the residents of LAR learning from each other. Besides being an MA, I am also involved with political education and community work with Black Students for Revolution. I'm a history major with a minor in secondary education. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and hearing your stories!


Jesse | Unit One/Allen Hall

Hi ya'll my name is Jesse Maldonado and I am the Multicultural Advocate here at Allen Hall/Unit One.  I am also a third year Social Work major pursuing a minor in Gender Women Studies and LGBT/Queer Studies.  As an MA, my role is to be a resource, along with your RA, to help you navigate your life here as a student and as an individual with your unique social identities.  I will be holding a conversaition every week that you all are invited to called the JAM Session in which we will discuss things going on on our own campus and beyond having to do with the intersections of Social Justice, Culture, and Identity.  If you have any questions for me, feel free to DM me in GroupMe, send me an email, or stop by and knock on my door.  I look forward to getting to know all of you.