Apartment Transfers


If you would like to move to a different apartment within University Housing, please review the transfer policy below. You may request a transfer by completing a transfer request form. Once the completed form is received, Family & Graduate Housing staff will review available apartments and determine if your request can be granted. Transfers are not offered through the months of July and August .

If you are planning to renew your lease for the 2023–2024 academic year and have an interest in moving to a different type of apartment, you can complete the online transfer request as you complete your online lease renewal. Submitting an online transfer request during lease renewal will automatically place your name on our transfer waiting list. You will be contacted by email as soon as an apartment which fits your requested preferences becomes available.


Apartment Transfer Request Policy

Residents may request to transfer from one apartment to another within Family & Graduate Housing complexes. There is no guarantee Family & Graduate Housing will be able to offer a transfer to another apartment, including during the lease renewal process.

To be eligible for a transfer, the leaseholder must be moved in to their current apartment and have no outstanding balance on their university account. The leaseholder must be eligible for the apartment type requested. The leaseholder must provide or have on file a current proof of university affiliation. The leaseholder’s current apartment must be kept in accordance with the apartment lease terms and condition. There is no fee charged for a transfer. The rental rates for all transfers will be at the published rates for that apartment type.

After April 1, transfers will only be offered to leaseholders who have renewed their lease for the next lease term. Transfers will be offered as space becomes available from September 1 through June 30. No transfers from the transfer waiting list will be offered during July and August.


Apartment Transfer Request Procedures

Application Request:

  • A leaseholder may submit one transfer at a time and preference two apartment types. Duplicate transfer requests will cancel all previous requests. 
  • If the leaseholder wants to change their preference after the request has been submitted, that request will then be considered a new request, and will be put at the bottom of that apartment type transfer waiting list.
  • Transfer requests are maintained as a waiting list by date request was received and the first preference apartment type.
  • Transfer assignments will be limited only to the apartment types requested. If a leaseholder changes their preferences at a later date, that request will then be considered a new request, and will be put at the bottom of that apartment type transfer list.

Transfer Offers:

  • Transfers will be made as space becomes available. There is no guarantee that Family & Graduate Housing will be able to make a transfer offer. Do not make renewal decisions based on transfer requests.
  • When the leaseholder from the wait list is identified as the next person for the apartment type, the condition of their current apartment, current university affiliation and university account balance will be verified.
  • Photos of the condition of each room of the apartment including the flooring will be requested.
  • The transfer offers are sent electronically and the leaseholder must respond to offer within five days.
  • Failure to respond will result in the transfer offer being cancelled.
  • An email will be sent informing the leaseholder of the cancellation, and the request will be removed from the transfer list.
  • If an offer is made and the leaseholder chooses to decline the apartment, the leaseholder must submit a new request to transfer if they want to request another transfer.