Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing: What to Expect

If you received information you were assigned to a room in temporary housing for the fall, don't worry!

Some of our residence halls were constructed with extra-large rooms on each floor. These spacious rooms can be used to accommodate 3-6 students per room at the beginning of the year, until additional double and triple rooms become available later in the semester. 

View a temporary housing photo gallery or a short video.

What Your Room Includes

Each student receives a key to the room and the room can be locked just like a regular student room. These rooms are equipped with an extra-long twin bed, study space, lockable closet or wardrobe, and Internet connection for each student.

Reduced Room Rate

Students assigned to temporary housing receive a 50 percent reduced room rate (meal plan is at full rate) while they are living in this temporary assignment. 

Permanent Assignments

The Housing Information Office will be in touch with you during the semester to let you know when a permanent room becomes available. 

We will assign students out of temporary housing based on the date their contract was received and the location of their temporary assignment. If your permanent assignment is for a hall in another part of campus, we can assist you with moving your belongings from one hall to another.

Room Configuration

See our temp housing photos for examples of how temporary rooms are set up. Please keep in mind that your actual space may appear a little different depending on the hall, furniture type, and how many students are in the room. You are permitted to decorate and personalize your room just as you would your permanent space.