Spring 2018 Assignments

Spring 2019: Incoming Hall Residents

Complete a spring 2019 University Housing contract

Assignment Notices

If you submit a contract on or before December 7, 2018, we will email your hall and room assignment to your Illinois account by December 14, 2018. 

If you submit a contract after December 7, 2018, we will email your hall and room assignment to your Illinois account by January 11, 2019.

The hall or Living-Learning Community (LLC) assignment will include more Housing information and links to tips on preparing to move in to your new home.

How Assignments Are Made

Contracts received on or before December 7 will be assigned in random order based on availability and your location/room type preferences. Contracts received after December 7 will be assigned in the order they are received, and then according to availability and location/room type preferences.

We will do our best to honor your preferences, but please keep in mind that assignments are ultimately based on availability and the order in which your contract was received. When you complete the University Residence Hall Contract, you agree to accept any available accommodations to which you are assigned.

Applying for a Living-Learning Community

If you are interested in joining a Living-Learning Community, please be sure to also complete the essay portion of your online contract. Students with approved essays will be placed before students without essays into Living-Learning Communities.

Roommates (Spring 2019)

You have a few options for roommate-matching in the residence halls:

  1. During the online housing contract process, you will be given the option of answering a few lifestyle questions. If you choose to fill them out, the responses will be factored into how the system matches you (other factors include your location and room type preferences).
  2. You can choose to skip the lifestyle questions and simply allow the system to match you with another student based on your location and room type preferences (when possible, we also attempt to match roommates based on class year).
  3. You can request a specific person as a roommate. Do not wait to complete your contract to determine if a friend will be your roommate. Mutual roommates must request each other in the online application. Roommates will not be assigned together if only one person requests the other student as a roommate. Both you and your preferred roommate should complete your contracts by December 7 to increase the likelihood that you will be assigned together. In addition, please make sure your preferences for location match, and that you both rank roommate preference as being more important than location. We are sorry that we are unable to accommodate requests for the same floor or same hall as another student. 

Please note that if you choose to request a specific roommate, rather than letting us assign you a roommate, it may decrease the likelihood that you will receive one of your location preferences.

Roommate Contact Information

The roommate contact information we provide is based on the phone number we have on record.

Room, Hall, or Roommate Changes

Please note, once spring semester assignments have been made, it is difficult to make changes.

If you submit your contract before December 7: You may return to your contract to change your preferences or meal plan as many times as you would like until December 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal plans can be changed in your online contract until you receive an assignment, or you may wait until after you arrive on campus. See more information about when and how to make meal plan changes. Learn more about meal plans.

The final deadline to make Meal Plan changes for Spring 2019 is February 9, 2019.

Contract Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your University Residence Hall contract based upon one of the reasons listed in section 11 of the Contract (pdf), please complete the online contract cancellation form and send supporting documentation to the Housing Information Office (e.g., letter from your department verifying graduation, study abroad, or co-op). You will forfeit your $150 advance payment if you cancel after December 8 for new spring semester contracts). If you are not canceling your contract for one of the reasons approved in section 11 of the Contract, you are subject to a settlement charge of up to 75% of your room and board rate.