Housing Value

Stay with University Housing and you'll enjoy all the benefits of living on campus. We make it easy on you — there's zero meals to prep, toilets to scrub, or bills to pay.

Great Value for Sophomores and Beyond

Constant Rate

The room and board rate structure from your first year in University Housing stays constant as long as you live with us continuously. Keeping your costs affordable and predictable can help save money. 

Examples: If you entered University Housing in 2017-2018 and chose the same room type for next year, the 2017-2018 rates would still apply to you. If you decided to change room types and sign up for a single next year, your new room would incur the 2017-2018 rate for a single—not the rate that new students would incur.

Maintenance and Services Included

Your University Housing rates include invaluable services like laundry costs, 24/7 area offices, around-the-clock maintenance, wireless Internet in all halls, a full in-room and mobile cable TV package, and access to amenities like computer labs, fitness rooms, and music practice rooms. On top of that, all halls are on main campus bus lines and within walking distance of academic buildings. 

How does the cost of renting an apartment compare to the cost of University Housing residence halls?

According to the University of Illinois Tenant Union: If you rent an apartment and each roommate pays his or her own share of the rent, if your monthly share of rent on a 12-month lease is more than $500 plus utilities in a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment or more than $480 per month plus utilities in a 2-bedroom apartment, the apartment will probably be more expensive than the cost of living in the University residence halls, once you factor in the cost of utilities and food. A student living alone whose rent is more than $450 plus utilities for an efficiency or studio apartment would likely be paying more for total housing and food costs than if he/she lived in a University residence halls in a double room. When comparing cost, the Tenant Union assumes you would not eat in restaurants, carry out, or order pizza delivery any more often than you do while living in a residence hall. Your cost of an apartment will be even higher if you always eat out instead of buying groceries and preparing your own food. Add approximately $4,000- $5,000 to the cost of base rent for the year to cover the costs of food and utilities.

No Sublets

You won’t have to worry about subletting your apartment for the summer or while you’re away for a semester—Housing allows you to be released from your contract if you’re part of an approved study abroad/student teaching program or if you graduate.

Dining and Nutrition

Cooking at home every day may not be realistic with your classes, labs, and work schedule. But if you order out too much that can add up quickly. Being on a meal plan ensures you have a convenient place to eat every day near your home, and your board plan includes access to our dietitian and nutrition services for any of your special needs.   

And don’t forget: living with University Housing includes convenient billing to your student account, caring staff, unparalleled connections to academics, and a strong community of students.

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