Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Is there a required deposit?

No. A $150 advance payment will be charged to your University student account after Housing Sign-Up closes on April 15. A credit for the advance payment will be added to your student account in Spring 2022.

Will I receive a confirmation if I have successfully completed the University Housing Contract? Can I make changes?

You will receive an email confirmation after you successfully complete you University Housing Contract. If you do not receive the email confirmation, you do not have a completed contract. Log back in to make sure you checked the box at the very end of the process, which serves as your electronic signature. The checked box also indicates that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the University Housing Contract.

To make changes to your personal information, preferences, or housing assignment, you may log back into the Housing Sign-Up site to review and/or change your selection until April 15.  

How do I request a specific roommate?

If my preferred roommate currently lives in University Housing:

  1. Search for your preferred roommate in the online Housing Contract using their University ID Number (UIN) or NetId.
  2. Assign your preferred roommate to the adjacent space in the room you select. Or pick an open room where you can assign yourself and your roommate can assign themselves to the adjacent space.
  3. Both residents must sign and complete the contract for the space to be confirmed. NOTE: Once you and your roommate have been assigned a room, only your roommate can change their own assignment. You cannot place them a second time.

If my preferred roommate is already on campus as a continuing student but is not currently living in University Housing:

  1. Search for your preferred roommate in the online Housing Contract using their University ID Number (UIN) or NetId.
  2. Assign your preferred roommate to the adjacent space in the room you select. Or pick an open room where you can assign yourself and your roommate can assign themselves to the adjacent space.
  3. Beginning on October 26, your roommate can complete their housing contract and confirm the tentative assignment you created for them. Both residents must sign and complete the contract for the space to be confirmed. NOTE: Once you and your roommate have been assigned a room, only your roommate can change their own assignment. You cannot place them a second time. 

If my preferred roommate is not currently living on-campus and will be entering as a new freshman or transfer for the upcoming academic year:

  1. Select an open double room (will display as 2/2 available).
  2. As soon as you have selected your room, please send an email to and provide your full name UIN, and the hall/room you selected for next academic year as well as the full name and date of birth or UIN of your preferred roommate.
  3. University Housing will create a tentative assignment in your room for your friend in the space adjacent to you (if available).
  4. Within 48 hours after accepting their admission to the University of Illinois, your preferred roommate should log in to the online Housing Contract and complete their contract to confirm the tentative assignment we created for them. If they do not do so within 48 hours, the space will be released for others to choose. 

How do I request an undergraduate single room for next year?

  • Residents who currently have single rooms must log on to the Housing Sign-Up site and sign their contract to select their same single room during Same Room Phase.
  • Residents who do not currently live in a single may select any available single room during the Any Hall/Any Room Phase. Note that single rooms will be displayed as 1/1, which means there is one open space in a single room.

Undergraduate single rooms are located in Barton, Lundgren, Nugent, Wassaja, Bousfield, Taft, Van Doren, Busey, Evans, Oglesby and Trelease (Florida Avenue Residence Halls), Shelden and Leonard (Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls), and Babcock, Blaisdell, Carr and Saunders (Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls).

How can I live in Daniels Hall or Sherman Hall?

Residents who currently live in Daniels or Sherman must log on to the Housing Sign-Up site between October 5 - 11 and sign their contract to keep their same room, or their room will be available for someone else to select.

Current Sherman and Daniels residents who do not want to stay in their same room can select other spaces in those buildings between October 12 – October 18 prior to residents of undergraduate halls.

Current undergraduate hall residents will be able to select a space in Daniels or Sherman beginning October 19. Students who currently live off-campus can select a space in University Housing residence halls, including Daniels or Sherman, beginning October 26. 

What options are there for coed or gender-inclusive housing?

  • Bousfield Hall offers some coed suites (four singles with a shared living room and semi-private bathroom) where a mix of men and women can live in the same suite. 
  • Sherman Hall offers limited coed corner single rooms (three singles grouped together with a semi-private bathroom). These options permit both men and women to select the same suite. You can see the specific room numbers of these coed options when you log in to the Housing Sign-Up site and are selecting a room. 
  • Allen Hall has a gender-inclusive wing (Allen 1 North) that offers gender-inclusive rooms. Students of any gender may share a room. This wing also has a gender-inclusive bathroom in which students of any gender may use the same bathroom at the same time.
  • Wassaja Hall offers two clusters of rooms that are gender inclusive. In these designated clusters, students of any gender may share the same room.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall (PAR) and Townsend Hall (ISR) offer a select number of rooms that are gender inclusive. In these designated rooms, students of any gender may share the same room.
  • All of Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (PAR), Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR), Hopkins Hall, Snyder Hall, Scott Hall, Weston Hall are coed by door. In these halls, male rooms may be located next to female rooms. In PAR and ISR each floor has multiple individual-use bathrooms. In Hopkins, Snyder, Scott, and Weston, each floor has two female bathrooms and two male bathrooms. 

See the Gender-Inclusive Options page for additional details. To explore other options in University Housing that accommodate your gender identity or gender expression, please contact the Housing Information Office at (217) 333-7111 or We are happy to help you find the living arrangement that works for you.

What if I’m applying to be a resident advisor (RA)?

RA candidates will be notified of their applicant status by January 30.

Candidates who are not offered an RA position but who are chosen as alternates are subject to the same contract terms as any student. Therefore, if an RA alternate signs a contract during Housing Sign-Up or later, they have 30 days to cancel. 

If the RA candidate is hired 30 days after the contract is signed, the student must contact the Housing Information Office at to cancel their contract without a settlement charge.

All RA candidates who wish to return to the residence halls need to complete Housing Sign-Up. This is the only time that you will be able to guarantee housing for next academic year.


What if I want to cancel my contract?

Once you select a room and complete a contract, you have 30 days to cancel the contract with no charge. If you decide to cancel after the 30-day period, there will be a settlement charge of up to 75% of your entire contract amount.

If you sign a contract online during Housing Sign-Up and decide later that you want to cancel your assignment, log on and click the "Cancel Contract" button. If you cancel the contract after 30 days of signing, you are still responsible for a settlement charge.

I am not sure where I want to live. I am considering moving off-campus. Should I sign a University Housing Contract as a backup?

Wait until you have made your decision about where to live before you sign a housing contract. Our contract is a legally binding document, which means that we cannot release you to live off-campus. Please take time to consider your options before you make a commitment to live in University Housing.

What if I sign the University Housing Contract and a lease with a private company off-campus? 

If you sign both a contract and a lease, you will most likely be financially responsible for both legally-binding documents. Please do not put yourself in this type of financial situation. Do not expect University Housing to release you from financial responsibility. Obligating yourself to a contract is a very serious matter that should be done with great thought and planning. 

Can I get out of the contract if I later decide I want to move off-campus?

No. The contract you are signing is a binding, legal document, so we do not release students to make other housing arrangements. You will be financially responsible for the terms of your University Housing Contract for the next academic year.


What if I need special housing or ADA accommodations?

Returning Residents: If you currently require special housing/ADA accommodations and would like to continue with the same accommodations for the next school year, we encourage you to select your same room during the Same Room phase of Housing Sign-Up. If you want to select a new room, you must inform us of your needs within the Housing Sign-Up application (there is a box where you can indicate your needs).

New Residents:  University Housing offers several accessible rooms with communal or semi-private baths in many of our residence halls and a select few apartments. If you believe you require housing accommodations due to a documented disability-related condition, you will need to register with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) in addition to submitting your housing application. DRES is responsible for providing services to students with disabilities and is available to consult with other areas of campus regarding ADA accessibility issues. For further information on how to register with DRES, visit or call (217) 333-4603 or (217) 689-0564 Video Relay System (VRS).

Which residence halls are fully accessible?

Wassaja, Nugent, and Bousfield Halls and the Ikenberry Dining Center in the Student Dining and Residential Programs building (SDRP) are fully accessible.

Nugent Hall has accessible rooms for undergraduate students, and rooms on the first floor are designed to serve students with severe physical disabilities who will utilize Beckwith Residential Support Services.

Weston Hall also offers a select number of wheelchair accessible rooms. Weston floor plans and layouts

Daniels Hall is for graduate and upper-division undergraduates (sophomores and above). Daniels has private rooms with semi-private or private bathrooms. Food service is located across the street in the Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR). Daniels floor plans and layouts

What furniture is provided in an ADA Accessible Room?

Beckwith Residential Support Services Rooms are equipped with a medical bed with side rails (detachable), a wardrobe (no closet), bookcase, nightstand, and desk. This furniture is all adjustable height.

All other ADA rooms (not part of Beckwith) are equipped with the standard room furniture which includes a bed, desk, chair, book shelf, chest of drawers, and a closet. Students have the option of providing their own hospital bed and/or desk if needed. University Housing is not responsible for providing these items, but we will gladly remove and store the furniture designated to that room if it does not meet the student’s medical needs.

How do I notify University Housing of my housing needs and accommodations?

When applying for housing, there is a specific section under Assignment Considerations where you can provide information about your needs and requested accommodations. Students should explain their accommodation requests as clearly as possible when completing their application. It is imperative that students specify their housing accommodation requests every year as each student’s needs may change.

Students are encouraged to apply with DRES because they will consult with University Housing regarding ADA accessibility issues. Students may also contact the Housing Information Office at (217) 333-7111 or by email at to share their needs and accommodations.

Information about specific accommodation requests such as personal assistants or service animals can be found on the ADA/Accommodations page of the Housing website. 

Special Living Options 

What if I want to choose a living-learning community or special living option?

Living-learning communities (LLCs) include Allen Hall/Unit One (all of Allen), Weston Exploration (all of Weston), WIMSE (Trelease floors 1- 3), LEADS (Hopkins Hall floor 2, moving to Weston Hall 2021-2022), Health Professions (Oglesby floors 3-4), Intersections (Babcock Hall floors 1-2), Innovation LLC (Townsend floors 4 & 5), Sustainability (LAR-Shelden floors 2-3),  Global Crossroads (Saunders Hall floors 2-3), Honors Living-Learning Community (Nugent Hall floors 3 & 4), and Business LLC (Wassaja floor 4).

Students who currently live in living-learning communities, non-visitation rooms, Scholars Community, Transfer Community, and the Snyder substance-free hall may reassign to their same room, floor, and/or hall during the regular Housing Sign-Up access times.

Students not currently in one of these spaces may move to a special living option during the Any Hall/Room phase. Additional requirements must be met for the Honors LLC and the Transfer Community.

What is the substance-free community, and how do I select it?

The substance-free community option is available in all of Snyder Hall, a coed traditional residence hall located in the Ikenberry South Area. This substance-free community promotes and respects the personal choice to abstain from alcohol consumption in the hall or to participate in low-risk, responsible alcohol consumption outside of the hall. Within the hall, they are a substance-free living community which prohibits the presence of alcohol for all residents and their guests, regardless of age, and the associated results of intoxication. As in any of the University Housing residence halls, smoking and drugs are also prohibited within the hall.

The substance-free community is an optional living area and requires a commitment from the student to abide by the substance-free lifestyle. All residents of these communities are expected to abide by the substance-free lifestyle. If you wish to choose a substance-free room, select a room in Snyder Hall.