About Housing Sign-Up

From eligibility to contracting, here's everything you need to know.


You must be currently registered as a University of Illinois student to select your room and roommate for next year. You must also be 18 at the time you sign the contract (if you will not be 18 during Housing Sign-Up, you will need to get consent electronically from a parent or guardian during the online sign-up process).

  • Current University Housing residents can enter Housing Sign-Up starting October 19. 
  • Illinois students who were approved to live at their permanent residence this fall can enter Housing Sign-Up starting November 9. 
  • Illinois students who currently live off-campus can enter Housing Sign-Up starting November 16. 

Getting Ready:

You will need your EnterpriseID and password to log on to Housing Sign-Up. In most cases, your EnterpriseID is the same as your NetID. However, the passwords for each of these are set separately and can be different. To find out your EnterpriseID and to set your password, visit the Enterprise Applications Self-Service page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

You will also need the UIN or NetID of your preferred roommate(s). If your preferred roommate does not currently live with University Housing, you will need his or her name and birth date to complete the Roommate Request Form (Form Coming Soon).  

Residence Hall Contract Rules and Advance Payment

To lock in your spot in University Housing, you must complete the online University Housing Contract. The contract is a legally bidding document, please take the time to review the 2021–2022 University Housing Contract. Read through all of the terms and conditions so that you fully understand your rights and requirements before you sign.

At the end of your Housing Sign-Up session, you will be asked to check a box that serves as your electronic signature and indicates that you have read and agree to the University Housing Contract. You will receive an email confirmation of the successful completion of your contract. Be careful not to miss this last step of the process! If you do not check the box and do not receive a confirmation email, you do not have a completed University Housing Contract.

A $150 advance payment will be charged to your University student account after Housing Sign-Up closes on April 15, 2021.

Contract Cancellation Policy

Once you select a room and complete a contract, you have 30 days to cancel the contract with no charge. If you decide to cancel after the 30-day period, there will be a settlement charge of up to 75% of your entire contract amount.