Housing Sign-Up

Many students choose to live in the residence halls for a second, third, and fourth year. In fact, 29% of residents live with University Housing for more than one year.

Housing Sign-Up Academic Year 2021–2022

Why live on campus?

  • Live with other returning Illini. With a change of pace from the traditional freshmen experience, choose from five halls designated for sophomores and above.
  • Live close. Why live near campus when you can live on campus! With close access to classes and buses, go ahead and hit your snooze button.
  • Built-in community. College can be fun but also challenging. Choosing to live in the residence halls comes with a support system of friends and in-hall staff. 
  • Never miss out. Living on campus means greater access to high-profile lectures, concerts, sporting events, and more social events than you could ever imagine. 
  • Meal plans. Eat at any of the ten University Housing dining locations on campus. 
  • Flexible living terms. Don't sign a 12-month off-campus apartment lease — our 9-month academic year contract covers just what you need.
  • No hidden costs. Pay one bill per semester. No additional laundry, utility, or grocery costs, or steep security deposit and application fee.
  • Worried about subletting? Looking to participate in the Study Abroad Program? We will release you from your housing contract spring semester. 
  • Academic successCompared to students who live off campus, those who live on campus have higher GPAs. 

New in Academic Year 2021-2022:

  • Taft-Van Doren Halls: Taft Van-Doren will be home to exclusively sophomores and above, feature more single rooms, and offer the option to select a 6 Classic Meal or 6 Classic Meal/25 Café Credits per week meal plan.
  • Wardall Hall: Wardall Hall reopens following a yearlong renovation. Hall features include new paint and floor, new room furniture, in-room climate control, individual-use bathrooms, and additional gender-inclusive rooms.
  • Honors LLC: Wardall Hall will be the new home of the Honors LLC.
  • Business LLC: Nugent Hall will be the new home of the Business LLC.
  • LEADS LLC: Weston will be the new home for the LEADS LLC. 

Academic Year 2021-2022 Revised Cancellation Policy: 

Things feel uncertain right now. That's why we're providing the utmost flexibility and extending our cancellation policy. Please note: These cancellation deadlines apply only to the academic year 2021-2022 contract.

  • Complete an academic year 2021-2022 contract between October 19 and December 31, and you have until January 31 to cancel with no charge.
  • Complete an academic year 2021-2022 contract on or after January 1 and before April 15, and you have a 30-day period to cancel the contract with no charge. 

University Housing Apartments:

  • Prefer an apartment? Returning residents are also eligible to submit an application for a 12-month lease at Ashton Woods Apartments. A pet-friendly complex with furnished and unfurnished two-bedroom apartments, Ashton Woods is home to a mix of graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students. Parking and some utilities are included in the rent.