Your Staff

Knowing where to go and whom to talk to is an important first step to make your experience at the University of Illinois as rewarding as possible. There is an extensive network of people waiting for your arrival. Visit your hall's building page to see their names: undergraduate hall listing, graduate upper-division hall listing.

  • Your Resident Advisor (RA) is a student just like you who lives on your floor and has been selected and trained to assist and support you. He or she helps floor members get acquainted by providing programming and counseling services to residents and ensures that University policies are followed.
  • Your Residence Director (RD) oversees the administration and activities of your hall and supervises the RA staff. Your RD lives in an apartment in your building.
  • Your Area Coordinator (AC) manages an area of several halls and supervises the individual hall’s professional and student staff.
  • Your Multicultural Advocates (MAs) are a team of students who live in the halls and have special training and interest around social identity, social justice, and multiculturalism. MAs encourage our communities to be open and supportive for all residents through educational programming.
  • Your Hall Secretary works at your area office/service desk and is ready to assist you with your administrative needs, such as submitting a maintenance request or answering questions about mail delivery.
  • Your Dining Unit Managers supervise the daily operations of each dining hall and ensure that the food and services you receive are meeting your needs.
  • Your Facilities Staff is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building and its systems. Please report any concerns to your area office.