Room Layouts and Furniture

Visit each hall to see more information on room layouts, furniture types, and dimensions. Each hall's information page also has a tour video and photos.

COVID-19 Update:

In an effort to enhance the health and safety of our residents, the ability to configure beds (loft or bunk) for Fall 2020 has been suspended.

  • This allows Building Service Workers (BSW) to prioritize the cleaning and sanitation of public areas within the halls such as bathrooms, lobbies, and lounges.
  • It eliminates the need for BSWs to assist with bed configurations, adding an extra layer of protection as fewer people are entering a student's private living space.
  • It reduces the chance of injury should a student attempt to loft or bunk their bed themselves and fail to ensure the bed is secure.
  • For beds with the ability to be bunked, additional guidance about social distancing in sleeping quarters recommends beds be separated (not bunked) for further distancing. 

For rooms with loftable furniture, the default furniture configuration is both beds at mid-loft height. For rooms with solid wood furniture, the default furniture configuration is bi-level with one bed on the floor and one bed at mid-loft height. Both of these configurations, allow residents to move smaller items such as drawers, dressers, or shelves underneath at least one of the beds for greater storage efficiency.  

Allen Hall/Unit One 


Lincoln Avenue (LAR): Leonard and Shelden

Florida Avenue Residence Halls (FAR): Oglesby and Trelease

Ikenberry Commons North Halls:

Ikenberry Commons South Halls:

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (PAR): Babcock, Carr, Blaisdell, and Saunders

Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR)
: Townsend and Wardall

Graduate Upper-Division Residence Halls: