Spring 2021 Move-In for International Students

International students have options about when they arrive to campus.

Visit this page often. The information below is subject to change per developments in COVID-19. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students who are traveling directly from any countries listed on this CDC page may not enter the United States at this time. 


The residence halls open for spring semester on January 17 at 9 a.m. New residents, including international arrivals, may opt to move in at any time following this date and time. 

View Move-In Instructions.

COVID-19 Testing

All students are required to complete two COVID-19 tests prior to the first day of classes. Please give yourself plenty of time to receive two negative test results and ensure your second test is on or before January 22. Students who fail to follow testing policies are subject to campus student discipline. After receiving two negative tests, students will resume their regular weekly testing schedule, which will be shared via email the first week of classes.

View a complete listing of on-campus COVID-19 Testing locations.

  • Testing is free and you will be asked to provide a saliva sample.
  • Bring your i-card. An electronic version is also available through the Illinois App.
  • Do not eat, drink, brush your teeth, use mouth wash, chew gum, or use tobacco up to one hour before submitting your saliva sample.
  • Test results will be available within 5 to 48 hours. 

University Housing Resident Testing Schedule: 

  • Freshmen and New Students: January 18 and 22
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: January 17 and 21
  • Graduate Students: January 15 and 19

If you cannot arrive on campus in time to complete your first test, you must begin testing as soon as possible. You will not be able to attend class or participate in on-campus activities until you receive two negative tests, no sooner than three days apart. 

Test results could take up to 48 hours to receive, so there is no wait time requirement prior to moving into your hall. While you wait for your results, please be cautious and limit time spent outside of your room, wear your face covering and social distance in public areas, and wash your hands multiple times per day. 

Quarantine Housing

If you are arriving from a CDC-designated level 3 country, it is recommended that quarantine for seven days once you arrive to campus. 

Quarantine Housing will be available starting January 4, 2021. Please arrive to campus by January 17, 2021, so that you can complete your seven days of quarantine and receive two negative COVID-19 tests prior to the start of classes.  

If you opt for Quarantine Housing, you will be required to test on Day 1 of arriving to campus and prior to checking into Quarantine Housing. Once you test, you may immediately check into Quarantine Housing. You will then be required to test on Day 7 of arriving to campus. If you exhibit no symptoms and test negative, you may leave Quarantine Housing. If you test positive, you will be moved to an isolation space where you will isolate for 10 days or from the onset of symptoms. 

January 4-16: Cost per night for Quarantine Housing is $60 (meals included)
January 17: Start of Spring 2021 Contract  

Complete Quarantine Housing Form >>

Move-In Instructions

You may move in into your hall any day of the week, at any time of the day. Hall access is available 24 hours.

Go to your hall and pull up to the designated unloading area.

Visit your area/front desk to checkout your room key and receive your Illinois PPE kit.

Area/Front Desk Assignments:

Unload your belongings.

Deliver belongings to your room. Guests must exit your hall when you are done moving and will not be allowed back into the building.

Move-In Safety Guidelines 

As you move in, the following safety guidelines must be followed:

  • Limit the number of individuals helping you move to two.
  • Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose must be worn (unless for medical purposes).
  • Please limit elevators to one family at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and moving carts will be available, but you are encouraged to also bring your own.
  • If you, or one of the individuals helping you move, begins to experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please do not come to campus.