MicroFridge, Carpet, and Linens

University Housing lets you rent or order items in advance for your room to make Move-In easier!

Order in Advance For an Easier Move-In

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These items are only available for Fall 2018 move in.

MicroFridge Rental 

Interested in renting a MicroFridge (combo microwave, freezer, and fridge)? Once you receive your room assignment, order by August 1 for free in-room delivery before Fall 2018 Move-In.
Note: MicroFridges are already provided in Daniels Hall and Sherman Hall rooms.

To place your order:

  1. Go to the MyCollegeFridge site.
  2. Select Illinois at your state.
  3. Select University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  4. Select your rental period (2018–2019 full academic year)
  5. Provide the name of your hall and your room number.

Carpet Orders

Save the hassle of hauling your own carpet to campus! Order a custom-fit carpet that will be delivered to your room before you arrive for Fall 2018 move-in. Order by August 1 at http://www.ocm.com/uil/carpets


You can purchase extra-long twin sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels through Residence Hall Linens. Order by August 6 for delivery.

  • DOMESTIC STUDENTS: Orders will be shipped to your home address before Move-In day! Order at http://www.uil.ocm.com (U.S. students only).
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Orders will be delivered to your residence hall room before Move-In day! Order at illinois9.ocm.com