Showing Movies at Housing Programs

Showing Films at Your Programs

In order to show a film at a program, Housing staff and paraprofessionals must make sure that the University has acquired Public Performance Rights (PPR) to the film. It is illegal to stream a film from a service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime or to show a DVD that an individual owns or has checked out from a library, unless the Public Performance Rights have been purchased. For more details on this process, please consult our Guide to Public Performance Rights

Showing a film without having attained performance rights to it could lead to huge fines! 

The Residence Hall Library has a collection of DVDs with Public Performance Rights. These may be checked out and shown at programs with no additional fuss! 

The University Library has also purchased performance rights to stream any of the films available through Kanopy. You can show any of these films for free!

For any questions not covered above or in the Guide to Public Performance Rights, please contact the Residence Hall Libraries at (217) 333-7150 or