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Virtual Craft Night

When: Tuesday, September 8th at 7pm-8pm
Looking to share your craft genius with others? Want to spend some time relaxing and enjoying time with others? Join the Residence Hall Libraries in a virtual craft night! Bring whatever you're working on and enjoy some time with other artsy folks! And if you need some inspiration, check out the craft books available to you from the Residence Hall Libraries!

Bring Your Own Book Club+

When: Wednesday, September 23rd at 6pm-7:30pm
Have you been reading something you can't wait to share with the world? Are you looking to get book recommendations from other readers? Look no further than Bring Your Own Book Club+! Hosted by the Residence Hall Libraries and the UGL, come together with others and discuss the books you've been reading recently. Not into books? No problem! We want to hear about video games you couldn't stop playing, TV shows you binge watched, and movies that stuck with you well after they ended!

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