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Laura Poulosky 

Residence Hall Librarian

"My favorite book-related childhood memory is spending hours in a walk-in closet reading my favorite series, including the Little House on the Prairie books and various mystery series for kids."


Julia Cross

Senior Library Specialist

"I have always loved mystery stories so Encyclopedia Brown was one of my favorite series when I was really young. As I got older Agatha Christie became a mainstay. However, I enjoy all types of books. As a kid I would spend hours at my local library exploring all the possibilities. I loved sitting on the floor between the shelves reading. I never failed to go home with an armful of books. My library card was one of my prized possessions!"


Crystal Clark

Office Support Specialist

"The book that I remember reading in high school that we talked about in depth was Tom Sawyer. It was very interesting coming from an all-white community and school. I like to read Mystery and Romance books. Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors whether it is mystery or romance. I want to read more John Green books. My mom took me, my sister, and brother to story time every Tuesday and Saturday at the Monticello Library. They have great children’s programs."

Helena Sumbulla

Library Supervisor
Illinois Street Residence Hall Library

"Growing up, my favorite books revolved around animals – specifically dogs – and The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley (which made sense because it combined suspense AND Clue, their dog). In fourth grade, my teacher would read to us every day after lunch and one of the books, Where the Red Fern Grows, stuck with me because it was one of the first books to make me cry. A couple of years later, I would walk into Border’s and blow my entire summer savings on books like Where the Red Fern Grows, Lassie Come Home, and Shiloh. I would always sign up for the summer reading programs my library offered which allowed me to justify voraciously reading any dog-themed book."

Helena Sumbulla

Jessie Maimone

Library Supervisor
Ikenberry Commons and Florida Avenue Residence Hall Libraries

"My favorite reading memory from childhood is telling my friends I couldn't go do things with them so I could finish reading the latest Harry Potter book. I always carried at least one book with me wherever I went, usually The Prisoner of Azkaban."