Student staff are usually available through various means to assist you with various computer problems. All student staff services are available for no additional charge. Student staff service for Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs residents is limited.

Peer Computing Consultant (PCC)

PCCs staff the computer labs during peak hours Sunday–Thursday and are available to assist with your computer lab and printing problems. This includes problems such as logging in, using the scanners, and software requests. PCCs also enforce lab policies in order to keep the labs an environment conducive to academic study.

Network Technician (NetTech)

NetTechs staff the computer labs for one hour during peak hours Sunday–Thursday and are available to assist with your personal computer and Internet problems. This includes problems such as malware removal, software installation, and Internet connections.

During their lab hours, NetTechs are not permitted to leave the computer lab, so if your issue requires going outside the computer lab, they will set up an appointment with you. You can also reach a NetTech by submitting a help request. A NetTech will respond to your help request, usually via email, within 7 days of submission to set up an appointment.

NetTechs are not trained to assist with hardware issues such as a broken screen or defective ports, the Illini Union Tech Zone has hardware specialists ready to help you in such cases.


(217) 244-1111

Students also staff the helpline from Sunday–Thursday, 7 p.m.–10 p.m. The helpline can help you resolve simpler computer problems or questions, and will submit a help request on your behalf for more complex problems that are difficult to resolve over the phone.

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