Lab Guidelines

In order to keep the labs operational and an area conducive to academic study, all users must follow the following guidelines:

Use machines appropriately

All use of lab machines must follow appropriate use policies

Work trumps play

You are welcome to use the lab machines for fun, but academic study takes priority over recreational use. Please be mindful of those who wish to use the lab computers for coursework, especially when the lab is at full capacity. If you are studying recreational activities, please be prepared with substantial evidence that your machine usage is directly related to coursework.

No tampering

Computer connections and settings may not be tampered with in any way. Please report any such activity via help request, including the time and computer number.

Keep it PG-13

Content that is deemed unsuitable or objectionable for minors may not be viewed in the lab, especially since some residents are minors.

No food

Food that is being eaten or not sealed is not permitted in the computer labs in order to keep our facilities clean. Drinks that are in containers designed to prevent spills (i.e. those with lids) may be used.

Keep it quiet

Noise levels should be kept to a minimum in order to provide a quiet workspace for users. Louder group discussions and phone calls should be taken outside the lab. Any electronic sources of sound, such as unsilenced phones, speakers, or loud headphones are also not permitted.

Limit locking

Users only may lock a computer for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. University Housing is not responsible for anything that happens to your files and applications while a computer is locked.

Use what you need

Select locations have machines have special features such as height-adjustable tables, scanners, dual monitors, and EWS software. Just like a MTD bus seat, please consider other users in the lab who need to use those features when using such machines.