Room Connection

Taft, Van Doren

Before you can connect to our campus networks, your device must meet certain requirements. Connections by devices which do not meet these requirements may be disabled. Usage of campus networks is subject to University Housing policies.

Booklets with instructions to connect are available at your residence hall's computer lab. "Hub bags" containing equipment to connect to the Internet are available for your to borrow at your residence hall's front desk. If you need assistance with connecting to ResNet, submit a help request.

Connect to ResNet

  1. Take the blue Ethernet cable out of the “hub bag” and insert the small plug into the wall jack, which may be behind furniture. The big plug will fit, but will not work.
    small plugCat 3 vertical wall jack
  2. Take the power adapter and insert the small plug into the socket labeled ‘Power’ on the hub. Insert the large plug into the wall socket. Confirm that the light labeled ‘Power’ on the hub is lit.
    hub power socketwall sockethub power light
  3. Take the blue Ethernet cable’s big plug and insert it in the port labeled ‘Uplink’ on the hub. Confirm that at least two lights above the label ‘5’ on the hub are lit. You may need to insert the small plug of the blue Ethernet cable into the other wall jack if the lights above the label ‘5’ are not lit.
    large plughub uplink porthub uplink light
  4. Take your personal Ethernet cable and insert one plug into an empty port on the hub labeled ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, or ‘4’. (The port labeled ‘5’ will not work!) Insert the other plug into the Ethernet port on your computer or your Ethernet adapter that is already plugged into your computer.
    hub downlink portsEthernet adapter or port
  5. Turn on your computer, and after it has fully booted, confirm that the lights on the hub corresponding to the port it is connected to are lit. For example, if your computer is connected the port labeled ‘2’ on the hub, confirm that the lights above the label ‘2’ on the hub are lit.
    hub downlink lights
  6. On your computer, open an Internet browser and navigate to a web page such as to confirm that your connection is working. You may need to completely quit the browser first. You may need to wait a few minutes for your computer to configure the connection. Rebooting your computer may also help.

Get Ethernet hardware

Ethernet cables and adapters, along with other computer accessories, can be purchased online or at the Illini Union Tech Zone.

Ethernet cables can also be purchased at 57 North in the Ikenberry Commons and Penn Station in PAR.

If you need additional help, submit a help request.