Theft is one of the most common crimes committed on campus. Without the right precautions, your belongings may easily be stolen.

Avoid theft

The simplest way to prevent theft is to never leave your belongings unattended. Lock your door when you are not in your room, or when you are asleep. If you are in a computer lab or library and need to leave for a phone call or the restroom, ask a friend or PCC to watch your belongings.

Never walk alone after it gets dark, and use well-lit routes that other people are also using. SafeWalks and SafeRides are also great options.

Register your device

Technology Services offers a Computer Registration Service to help recover lost or stolen devices on campus. By registering your computer, they will have access to its identifying information, which helps Technology Services and University Police track it down if it is stolen.

It's a good idea to register your bicycle as well.

My device was stolen!

University Housing may be able to help you track down your device. Submit a help request with as much information as possible about the model of the device and recent locations where the device was used. Please keep in mind that University Housing is not a replacement for a law enforcement agency.