Recommended Devices

If you are unsure about what computer you need for school, here are some general guidelines.

Specific Requirements

First, check with your college department to see if they have any recommendations or minimum requirements. If you have not yet declared a major, or your college does not have any recommendations, the laptops sold by the Illini Union Tech Zone should generally have the specifications that you need, sold at a discounted educational price.

Wireless Connections

Our campus wireless network, IllinoisNet, is compatible with almost all computers, phones, and tablets; you'd have to try very hard to purchase a wireless device that can't connect to our network.

Wired Connections

If you plan to connect using a wired connection, be sure that the computer has an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter, which also can be bought at the Illini Union Tech Zone. Ethernet cables are available for purchase at your residence hall's front desk via i-card for $5, charged to your student account.

Computer Labs

If for some reason you're unable to use your own device, University Housing offers computer labs in each residence hall complex.