Firewall Groups

A firewall on your wired room connection (i.e. ResNet) provides better security for our residents and also the campus community. Security problems are a potential cause of major network interruptions on campus, and the firewall helps to decrease the number of problems on ResNet. For the vast majority of our residents, all their internet applications will function without any problems regarding the firewall.

Changing your firewall group

For the protection of your network connection and the network connections of your community, a good rule of thumb is that if you do not encounter any problems with the firewall, you do not need to do anything regarding the firewall.

You can request to change the firewall in your room connection if you are using an computer function that is not compatible with the default fully closed (FC) firewall. This will change your firewall to mostly closed (MC).

Here's a table of what works and what does not work in the mostly closed firewall:

Applications TCP UDP Mostly Closed compatible
AIM chat and file transferring 6891 6891 Yes
Battlenet 4000, 6112 6112 Yes
CounterStrike server


FTP / SFTP 20, 21, 115 20, 21, 115 Yes
H.323 video conferencing 389, 522, 1503, 1720, 1731, and others
HTTP / HTTPS 80, 443 80, 443 Yes
IMAP / secure IMAP 143, 220, 993 143, 220, 993 Yes
MSN audio/video communications

MSN chat and application/whiteboard sharing 1503, 6891 1503, 6891 Yes
MSN file transferring 1503, 6891 1503, 6891 Only one file at a time
MSN Zone

Net2Phone 9084 6081, 9084 Yes
PC-Telephone 9084 9084 Yes
POP3 / secure POP 109, 110, 995 109, 110, 995 Yes
PS4 3074 Yes
SMTP 25 25 Yes
Sorenson Videophone 200 15328–15348 15328–15348 Yes
SSH 22 22 Yes
Sony Playstation 2 10070–10080 10070 Yes
Telnet 23 23 Yes

If you believe that the information in the table above is incorrect, please let us know by submitting a help request so that we can further investigate.

Before submitting a request to change your room's firewall, you must first understand and acknowledge the following:

  • Residents may request to change the firewall from fully closed to mostly closed or vice versa at any time during their stay with University Housing.

  • To keep your computers and services running securely, both active use of anti-malware programs as well as timely updates to hardware and software are crucial. Residents are responsible not only for their own computers that connect through the mostly closed firewall, but also for visitors' computers who connect through their mostly closed firewall connection to meet these security requirements.

  • All residents in the room must request the mostly closed firewall for the firewall to be mostly closed. If at any time one or more residents of the room wish to have their mostly closed firewall reverted to fully closed, the room connection will return to being fully closed.

  • The IPs of all the computers connected through a mostly closed firewall will be different from when they were connected through a fully closed firewall. This may cause compatibility issues in some applications, such as games played over LAN.

  • The fully closed firewall only affects connections that go outside the campus network.

  • University Housing reserves the right to change your firewall from mostly closed to fully closed or to deny a request to change your firewall from fully closed to mostly closed if the above requirements are not met, or in the event of abusive behavior regarding the firewalls.

To submit a request to change your room's firewall, submit a help request with the Service Request Type "Change my Firewall setting." Paste one of the two paragraphs below into the form without alterations as an acknowledgement that you have read and understood the information on this page.

Paragraph for moving from fully closed to mostly closed:

Move my room to the mostly closed firewall group. I understand the importance of keeping my computers and the services they run secure. I also understand the need to keep hardware, software, anti-malware programs, and other relevant components current via updates. I understand that my use of the mostly closed firewall group is constrained by the campus Acceptable Use Policy, and that violations of this policy may lead to my mostly closed firewall group privileges being revoked.

Paragraph for moving from mostly closed to fully closed:

Move my room to the fully closed firewall group. I understand that if the number of changes between the mostly closed and fully closed firewall groups is deemed excessive by University Housing, my mostly closed firewall group privileges may be revoked.

Additional important information about firewall groups and requests:

  • We will try to notify you when the change will occur to help minimize problems when your IP changes. If you would like us to make the change as soon as possible, simply add "Please make this change ASAP." to the end of your request.

  • In the event that we disable your connection or quarantine your room for a malware infection or other security risk (i.e. network scanning, copyright violation, etc.) we reserve the right to:

    • move your connection to the fully closed network for a minimum of 1 month for the first offense
    • move your connection to the fully closed network for the remainder of the school year for multiple offenses