Disabled Connections

University Housing will disable wired room connections that do not follow policies or threaten to damage or undermine the security of the network. Connections are disabled on a room-to-room basis. This means that a violation of University policies via your room connection by anyone who uses it—including you, your roommate, and visitors to your room—will disable the wired connection in that room for any computer that attempts to use that connection.

A connection is usually disabled due to violations of University policies or other regulations (e.g. legal code). The most common reasons for a disabled connection are copyright infringement and connecting a wireless router. Other less common cases are malware and network abuse.

What to do if your connection is disabled

In most cases, when a room connection is disabled, an explanatory email is sent to the student email account of each student living in the room. This email includes more information on how to proceed with your situation. If you believe that your room connection is disabled, and have not received an email, please submit a help request with details about when your connection stopped working, and if it applies to all computers that attempt to connect or just some computers. It's possible that your room's connection has not actually been disabled; you may have just unplugged the wrong cable.