Daniels and Sherman Rates: New to Housing

Daniels and Sherman Hall Rates 2021–2022

New to University Housing in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022

The rates below apply to students who are new to University Housing in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 or have not lived continuously with University Housing. 2022 Spring-only contracts are 50% of the rates below.


Academic Year Rates 

Single w/Private Bath   Single w/ Shared Bath  Double
 Sherman Hall (room-only rate) (air-conditioned)  N/A  $5,830  $5,580
 Daniels Hall (room-only rate) (air-conditioned)  $7,698  $7,388  $6,740
 12-Month Contract
 $10,086  $9,676  $8,840

The rates above include $8 student government dues.

Spring-only contract costs half of the academic year rate.

Please Note:

  • Rates are pending approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • Constant Rate: If you live continuously with University Housing, your rate structure will stay locked in at the 2021–2022 rates (up to 4 consecutive years). In the future, if you select a different room type or meal plan with University Housing, you will pay the 2021–2022 rate structure for those choices.
  • You are required to honor your contract if you attend the University. Refer to your residence hall contract terms for cancellation policies. You are encouraged to read the contract terms carefully before signing.
Resident Meal Plan (Meals and Dining Dollars per Week) Cost for Academic Year
 6 Classic Plan  $2,318
 6 Classic + 25 Dining Dollars Plan  $2,910
 12 Classic + 15 Dining Dollars Plan  $4,896
 10 Classic + 45 Dining Dollars Plan  $5,624
 All Dining Dollars (130) Plan  $6,016
 Maximum Classic Plan  $6,016

Complete meal plan information

Contact the Housing Information Office at (217) 333-7111 or use this link to email us and we'll be glad to help.