Family & Graduate Apartments Overview


Moving In

When you check in at the Family & Graduate Housing office, you are given several keys for your apartment. Do not duplicate any of these keys. All keys remain the property of the University of Illinois and must be returned when you vacate your apartment. An additional apartment key may be requested for an adult family member in an apartment without a co-tenant. If you lose a key or are locked out of your apartment, please follow the instructions listed in this handbook under the heading titled lockout procedures. You will also receive a mailbox label with your last or family name on it. This label needs to immediately be placed on the inside of your mailbox in order to receive mail. The post office will not deliver mail to a mailbox without this label.

Moving Carts

Moving carts are available to residents to help with moving large items into or out of apartments. Residents can come to the Family & Graduate Housing Office to check out a moving cart anytime during normal business hours. Due to the limited number of moving carts, please return within 24 hours. At Goodwin-Green, carts are available in the lower level of each building. In building 1107 Goodwin-Green, the carts are in storage locker number 9. In building 300 Goodwin-Green, they are in locker number 99. You can use your apartment key to access the storage area and the padlock on the designated locker.

Card Access and Keys

Residents without a roommate/co-tenant receive two apartment keys and either one or two (depending on apartment location) mailbox keys at check-in. Residents living in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate/ co-tenant will receive one apartment key and one mailbox key. Residents at Orchard Downs also receive a key that provides access to the laundry buildings, computer center, and study room, all located on the Orchard Downs property.

At Goodwin-Green, the exterior doors are operated by card access. Residents will have their University Identification Card (i-card) activated as their access card. Dependents will need to obtain a University of Illinois Visitor Card to gain entry into the building. You can request a Visitor Card by completing a form in the Family & Graduate Housing Office. The dependent can then obtain an i-card from the University i-card Office, located in the Illini Union Book- store. Please notify the Family & Graduate Housing Office of the University Identification Number (UIN) when you have the card so it can be activated. You may request a temporary access card for a guest at

If your card is not working or is lost, please contact the Family & Graduate Housing Office at 1841 Orchard Place, Urbana, or call the office at 217-333-5656, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. At all other times, contact the Daniels Hall front desk, 1010 W. Green Street, Urbana, 217-333-0464, which is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day (hours may be reduced during University holidays).