Safety and Security



Deliveries in the Urbana residence halls must be received by the desk for processing. All deliveries in the Ikenberry Commons halls must be received by the SDRP Package Station. Deliveries may not be left outside the halls, in main lobbies or lounges, or at unattended offices.


Elevators are equipped with sensitive safety devices in order to protect the passengers. Tampering with elevators can be extremely dangerous and expensive and will result in charges and disciplinary action.

Areas of Rescue Assistance

Persons with physical disabilities who require assistance during an emergency (i.e., fire alarm, tornado warning) should exit the building as directed if they are on the first floor when the emergency occurs. If on an upper floor, the person should go to the nearest stairwell and have a friend or staff member notify rescue personnel that they need assistance. Rescue personnel will then evacuate the person to a safe location.

Fire Alarms and Fire Drills

For resident safety, a fire drill will be conducted early in each semester. When a fire alarm sounds, residents should follow the instructions on the back of their room/suite door. Fire drills, false alarms, and genuine fire alarms are indistinguishable. Whenever the fire alarm sounds everyone MUST evacuate the building. Even in a building designed to be resistant to fire, a small wastebasket fire can quickly fill an area with smoke and deadly gases. Smoke is the major cause of death from fires within residence halls. For this reason, residents should be certain to close their room door and windows when evacuating in order to retard the spread of smoke. Hallway and stairwell fire doors should be closed at all times. Residents cannot re-enter the building until the University Housing staff, Fire Department, or University Police Department gives an “all clear” signal. Residents who fail to evacuate a residence hall building during a fire alarm or who do not follow the directives of fire, police, or residence hall staff will be referred to the University discipline system for judicial action. Obstructing a doorway, exit, stairwell, or room/suite door is a serious safety hazard.


March through October is the typical “tornado season” in central Illinois. The community alarm is tested at 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. Residents who fail to follow the directives of fire, police, or residence hall staff during a tornado warning can be referred for judicial action. Informational programs are held during the academic year to familiarize residents with tornado emergency procedures.