Prohibited Activities

Bike Storage

Bikes, scooters, and motor driven cycles must remain outside at all times. Storage of bicycles within the halls is prohibited because of lack of space in the residence halls, potential damage to buildings, and the blockage of escape routes during a fire or emergency.

Cellular Phones, Video, and Virtual Assistants

Any use of a cellular phone or virtual assistant technology (such as Alexa or Google Home), including camera or video functions, is strictly prohibited in bathrooms or bedrooms where privacy is reasonably expected. Roommates should discuss and agree upon the use of in-room virtual assistant technology.

Commercial Activity

Residence hall facilities/resources may not be used for commercial activity or door-to-door solicitation unless it is an approved project associated with a living-learning community. Sales representatives cannot make presentations in floor/main lounges or other hall areas. Residence hall facilities cannot be used to advertise presentations. This restriction includes sales representatives or demonstrations involving magazines, beauty products, insurance, home products, wholesale orders, or services for profit, such as hair styling, etc. 


No form of gambling (e.g., card games for money, sports pools, casino games, lotteries, etc.) may be conducted on University property.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are prohibited in or around the residence halls. The only exception is for classroom instruction or formal programs/presentations taking place in hall facilities.


Only fish are permitted as pets in the residence halls. All other pets are prohibited and if found in the hall, they will be immediately removed. See policy on service and emotional support animals if there is a medical necessity for an animal.

Posting Policy

Posting items without permission from University Housing is prohibited. Unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded. Chalking of sidewalks is prohibited in areas where weather would not wash the content away.


Theft of property or services of the University or its students is prohibited.

Sports in the Hall

The use of any sports equipment (balls, Frisbees, boomerangs, hockey pucks, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, footballs, etc.) is prohibited inside residence halls due to the risk of personal injury, damage to the residence halls or individual property, and disruption within the living environment.

Window Screens

Screens should remain closed and attached to room and lounge windows at all times. Items should never be thrown from a residence hall window. If a screen is unfastened, it will be reinstalled at a $20 charge per window. If a window screen is missing, it will be replaced at a charge of $65.If strong wind, rain, snow, or an external projectile damages a window/screen, submit a Request for Services Form at the area/hall office to report the damage. Missing or unrepairable screens will be replaced at a cost for a new screen plus installation. For aesthetic and safety reasons, students may not hang, attach, or place anything on the outside of any residence hall or University Housing structure (including window sills).

Wireless Routers

All halls have Wi-Fi. Personal wireless routers are prohibited in student rooms as they interfere with the campus Wi-Fi.


Installation of panels, dividers, lofts, shelves, and bunks is prohibited. Residents may not place boards or weights on radiator covers or wall-mounted bookshelves, and may not place beds on top of other furniture. Hot tubs and personal pools are prohibited.

Prohibited Possessions

The following items are prohibited in the residence halls: blow torches, bottled propane, candles, fragrance pots, fireworks, fuel or fuel containers, halogen lamps, incense, open flame, space heaters, unapproved cooking appliances, vaporizers, or Wi-Fi enabled locks or cameras on doors.


Possession and/or storage of weapons is prohibited in the University residence halls. This includes but is not limited to: BB guns, paintball guns, pellet rifles or pistols, switchblades, slingshots, bombs, nunchucks, items that imitate weapons, or other devices containing an explosive or caustic substance.