Guest Policies

Responsibility for Guests

You are responsible for the actions of your guests, whether they are University of Illinois students or not. A guest is defined as anyone without valid i-card access or keys to that hall, floor, wing, and/or room. Every guest must be hosted by a resident, and the host is responsible for informing guests about applicable University and residence hall policies.


All guests must present proper photo identification when requested by University staff. Failure or inability to do so will result in the guest being removed from the building and/or campus community.

Use of Building Amenities

Non-residents are prohibited from using certain residence hall areas such as laundry rooms, residence hall computer sites, ice machines, or storage rooms. 

Escort Policy

All people who do not reside within the community must be escorted by a community member at all times.

Overnight Guests

All guests staying overnight must have approval of all residents in the room. Guests may not stay more than three consecutive nights. Guests may not sleep in any public space within the hall.

Restricted Guest Policy

When ordered by the director of housing, University Housing may enforce a restricted visitation period when it is deemed that non-University guests are prohibited in University Housing (such as during the weekend unaffiliated with the University known as "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day). Such a period would be in response to a critical incident for campus safety.

Non-Visitation Community

Community members agree to not have any visitors who identify as male in their rooms at any time. This living option is available in specifically designated rooms in Evans Hall.