Community Policies

  1. Community Disruption: Unreasonable actions which disrupt typical living activities of the day are prohibited.

  2. |Complicity Policy: Students who are present during a policy violation, even if they are not directly participating, may be seen as complicit or consenting to the violation. If present when a policy violation occurs, students should remove themselves from the area and/or report the violation to University Housing staff immediately. Hearing Officers reserve the right to find students responsible for complicity if they fail to remove themselves from the location of the incident.

  3. Courtesy Hours: Courtesy hours are in effect at all times. Always be considerate of others and comply with a request for quiet. If a person asks another individual to be more quiet, residents are asked to be courteous and respect the request. Speakers, TVs, and musical instruments should be operated with regard for the rights of others.

  4. Quiet Hours: It is important that residents respect the rights of others when they study, sleep, listen to music, and socialize. Quiet Hours are 11pm-10am on weekdays (Sun-Th) and 12am-10am on weekends (Fri-Sat) in the undergraduate halls, and 24-hours in the graduate upper-division halls. During quiet hours, noise in any room/suite should not be audible outside that room/suite’s closed door. Quiet Hours are also enforced in the floor lounges and outdoor courtyard areas. At the end of each semester, quiet hours are extended to 24 hours per day in all halls. This action fosters the additional quiet necessary to prepare for final exams.

  5. Musical Instruments: Musical instruments, especially amplified musical instruments or particularly loud instruments (e.g., brass instruments or drums), may be played only in designated areas or practice rooms. Check with your hall/area office for specific locations and access.

  6. Damage and/or Vandalism: It is expected that you treat University property and the property of others with respect. It violates the Student Code when a person damages or breaks property, intentionally or unintentionally, or defaces or destroys bulletin boards or other displays.

  7. Removal of Lounge Furnishings: All hall and floor lounges, and shared living spaces, are furnished for the use of all residents. Furnishings (chairs, tables, lamps, cushions, couches, etc) must remain in their original locations. They are not intended for personal use in individual resident rooms. Floor, main lounge, or shared living space furniture found in resident rooms will be removed and the resident(s) will be billed a $40 relocation fee per item.

  8. Use of Public Spaces for Private Purposes: Sleeping or other seemingly private activities in public lounges is prohibited.

  9. Non-Compliance: All students need to comply with the reasonable requests of University staff.

  10. Community Standards: At the beginning of each semester, the resident assistants host a Community Responsibility Meeting and each floor creates Community Standards. This is a way for residents to have an impact upon their own living environment. Floor members collectively and collaboratively determine their floor lounge use, standard of cleanliness in the restrooms and trash rooms, how to resolve floor or neighbor conflicts, etc. These Standards will be reviewed throughout the year to ensure that the guidelines are being followed and to adjust the Standards as needed.