Access Policies


Each resident living in the residence halls is issued access through their i-card, which will permit entrance to their hall and their floor security door. Residents should never lend their i-card to another person. There is a $25 replacement charge for lost i-cards. The i-card is University property and must be shown upon request to any staff member, including resident directors, resident advisor, desk clerks, dining room staff, office staff, or other University Housing employees. A student may possess only one i-card. Anyone possessing more than one i-card is subject to disciplinary action. A University staff member may confiscate the extra i-card or an i-card that is in the possession of a guest. If a lost i-card is found, students should return it to the nearest hall/area office.


Loaning a room/suite key to another person or duplicating a room/suite key is prohibited. Students should keep their room/suite door locked at all times. Keys found in possession of someone other than the designated resident will be confiscated. There is a $50 per key charge for lost keys, and there may be an additional charge for lock replacement.

Unauthorized entry

Students are prohibited to enter places that a reasonable person would know not to enter without appropriate permissions. Such places might include, but aren’t limited to, the following: mechanical rooms, roofs, dining kitchens, other student rooms, storage closets, construction sites, loading docks, or behind hall/area desks.

Bathroom Usage Guidelines

All residents and their guests may only use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. 

Excessive Temporary Cards

Students who lose an i-card may obtain a temporary replacement card (temp card) until another i-card is obtained. Temp cards are available from the hall/area front desks. Temp cards stay active for three days (72 hours). Students are expected to go to the ID Center to replace the lost/broken ID as soon as possible. Students should return the temp card to the hall/area front desk and must have their current i-card re-activated. Each semester, after a student’s fourth request for a temp, they will be subject to the student conduct system.

Excessive Loan Keys

Students who misplace their key or lock it in their room may obtain the back-up key on loan from the hall/area desk for their residence hall. The back-up key must be returned to the issuing desk within a 24-hour window or a lock change will be performed at the borrower’s expense. Longer periods of loan may be granted on a case-by-case scenario each semester. Each semester, after a student's fourth key loan, they will be subject to the student conduct system.