Fire Policies

Tampering with smoke detectors, intentionally causing false fire alarms, hanging items from sprinkler heads, propping fire and smoke doors open, discharging a fire extinguisher, or tampering with other safety equipment can end in personal tragedy and may also result in criminal charges, fines, University disciplinary action, and/or termination of a resident's Housing Contract.

Causing Fires

Actions which could result in fire such as pranks, intentional igniting of materials, or unintended carelessness in which a fire could occur are prohibited.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers will be charged, available, and operable at all times. Tampering with fire extinguishers is a serious offense and could lead to your dismissal from the University.

Fire Alarms

Whether it is a real alarm, false alarm, or a fire drill, everyone is required by law to vacate the building and remain out until the building is cleared by first responders.  


Appliances with exposed heating elements (such as toasters, toaster-ovens, and electric grills) are prohibited.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors may not be covered, disconnected, or removed. Any tampering will result in a $250 charge per occurrence.

Halogen Lamps

Due to the high risk of fire, halogen lamps are prohibited.

Burning Items

Incense, candles, or any burning scent is prohibited.

Smoke Machines

Smoke or fog producing devices are prohibited as they will trigger smoke detectors and limit visibility during evacuation.


Hanging things from sprinkler heads is prohibited. This could cause unnecessary water discharge and you could be held liable for damage to University/private property.

Security Doors

All room, suite, floor, and outside security doors are fitted with self-closing hinges. These mechanisms help prevent the rapid spread of fire by ensuring doors are properly closed. Residents may not remove these hinges from doors. Security doors are locked at all times. Propping security doors weakens the security for all residents and is prohibited. Security doors are cored to accept room keys if the i-card system is down.


Students should follow these expectations for fire-safe decorations:

  • Use fire-resistant materials in student room/suites and at social events.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or circuit breakers.
  • Do not place electrical cords under carpet, through doorways or windows, or behind pillows.
  • Power strips with circuit breakers should be plugged directly into wall outlets and not strung together.
  • Provide adequate safety lighting at all social events.
  • Do not obstruct access to exits and fire extinguishers.
  • Natural, live trees are prohibited.
  • Decorations may not be hung from ceilings.