Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policies

For additional information on these policies, refer to Illinois Student Code, 1-305; 1-306; 1-307, 1-308


  1. Empty alcohol containers: As a practical matter of enforcement and in order to avoid disagreements regarding violations of the alcohol policy and health hazards, empty alcoholic beverage containers are prohibited within the residence halls.

  2. Possession/consumption of alcohol: Underage possession/consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

  3. Public Consumption: No one, even those over the legal drinking age, may consume alcohol in a public space (such as a lounge, hallway or common area).

  4. Presence of Minors (under the age of 18): No one of legal drinking age may possess/consume alcohol in their room with minors present. Anyone under the legal drinking age must immediately vacate any space where alcohol is present.

  5. Size Restrictions: Alcohol containers may not exceed one gallon, four liters, or one twelve-pack of beer. Kegs are prohibited in residence halls.

  6. Controlled substances: Possession/consumption of controlled substances and/or their paraphernalia is prohibited. Sale, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances is grounds for termination of your housing contract. Upon the likely passing of the state of Illinois’ Marijuana legalization bill, there would be no changes to possession or consumption of marijuana due the federal Drug free schools act.

  7. The consumption of marijuana creates an unsettling odor which creates an unacceptable community disturbance. All residents are responsible for the actions of the guests that they host in their room, especially surrounding marijuana consumption prior to arrival.

  8. Tobacco: All University of Illinois campus facilities and grounds are strictly smoke and tobacco-free. This includes tobacco for smoking and/or chewing. For specifics on this policy, please see the official policy: July 1, 2019, the state of Illinois has raised the legal age to possess and consume tobacco to 21 years of age. This is a complete prohibition of any smoking products and paraphernalia (defined as any device used in the consumption of tobacco). These materials include, but are not limited to: hookahs, electronic or e-cigarettes, vaporizers/vapes, or juuls. Smoking in University Housing facilities will result in a $25 charge per occurrence and escalate by that amount with each subsequent occurrence.

  9. Substance-Free Hall: Snyder Hall is a community for residents interested in living in an environment free from alcohol (even if 21 years of age), chemicals, or drugs (other than prescribed medications). While a substance---free area does not change existing University policies that pertain to substances on campus, residents of this hall are committed to healthy habits and do not use tobacco products, alcohol, and other drugs inside the hall or on campus.