Social and Educational Funds

The Social‑Educational (SocEd) Fund is established in order to promote developmental programs and special services to students living in residence halls.

The Area Coordinator is the delegated custodian of an area Social and Educational fund that is based on $3.00 per student per hall occupancy. The Area Coordinator will consult staff and students and/or receive recommendations for specific use of the fund for programs to benefit students of a particular hall/area. The fund is to be used primarily for support of programs that support the Department of Residential Life’s Vision and secondarily for recreational preferences of the students. These uses may be designated for regular and non‑recurring activities/events.

The Social and Educational fund is to be used as "seed money" to promote a staff or student group sponsored events. It is intended to fill the gap between student group funding and the need for specific services or events for students in residence halls. Social and Educational funds cannot be used to support staff (including Resident Advisors) purposes such as parties, dinners, lounges, or similar purchases.

Each Area Coordinator has their own procedures for applying for and receiving SocEd Funds. Area-specific instructions and forms to request Social and Educational funds should be available from each main office as well as the Resident Director or Area Coordinator.