Fundraising Policy

Any student group or professional staff member that generates funds through a fundraiser in the residence halls, regardless of whether there will be profits (such as selling T-shirts, candy-grams, etc.) needs to first complete a Housing Fundraiser Registration Form.

Once the fundraiser is approved, all money collected must be deposited into that group’s account. If the organization is also a Registered Student Organization (RSO), the option is either depositing the money into the RSO account or the housing student group account.

If the fundraiser is raising money to donate to a charitable organization, the actual cash raised must be donated. Once cash or personal checks have been deposited into a student or administrative account, they cannot be donated to a charitable organization.

If the fundraiser is occurring outside of the residence halls but still on University property, permission must also be obtained through the RSO Office, using their specific guidelines.

Once the money is deposited into the appropriate account, the organization may spend that money as they had intended, following appropriate university guidelines.

Here are several examples of what constitutes a fundraiser:

  • A floor that decides to sell T-shirts to its residents needs to complete the appropriate fundraiser form, raise the funds, and then deposit the funds into their account. Again, the floor benefits in that the purchase of the T-shirts from the vendor will be tax-exempt because the purchase is being made through the University.
  • A hall has Penny Wars and decides to donate the funds raised to the Wheel Awareness program at Beckwith Hall.
  • A BSU that wants to sell Valentine’s Day candy-grams would also need to complete the fundraising form.

Residents on a floor that come together on a Thursday night and decide to throw their money together to order pizza, however, does not constitute a fundraiser, and does not need to be reported.

Similarly, residents who decide to collect money to buy an outgoing RA a gift is also not a fundraiser.

If a student group is in doubt as to whether an activity constitutes a fundraiser, they should consult their advisor.

If the fundraiser involves an administrative account, the form should be returned to the Account Tech Secretary in 300 Clark Hall. If it involves a student account, the form is returned to the Resident Director.