Frequently Asked Questions 

When can I sign up to be an I-Guide?

I-Guide registration will open early in the spring semester: https://web.housing.illinois.edu/Iguides/

Can I switch halls from where I am assigned to be an I-Guide?

Because we have to keep track of 800 I-Guides, switching halls is discouraged. There is a maximum number of I-Guides that will be able to register for each location to ensure we have a successful move-in experience for the entire campus.

Can I live off-campus or in another hall other than where I am registered to be an I-Guide?

Yes! Any Illinois student who is currently registered and returning to Illinois in the fall as a student can be an I-Guide. You can live in any hall, apartment complex, or house and still register to be an I-Guide.

I'm an incoming freshman. Can I be an Illini Guide?

The Illini Guide program depends on students who are returning to the University. Beyond moving students in, I-Guides provide new students with informal information about the college experience; such as who the staff in the building are, the location of specific buildings, or suggestions for a good place to grab lunch. At this time, the I-Guide program is only for returning students to the University. Enjoy your first year, and we'll see you next year in the orange I-Guide shirt!

I signed up to be an I-Guide but found out I have a conflict. What can I do?

Please return to the registration page and remove yourself by clicking the "no thanks" button.

When do I-Guides move into the residence halls?

I-Guides are permitted to move in early. Watch your email inbox for updates on when you'll report to campus.

Do I have to bring any documentation that I'm an I-Guide when I move in early?

No documentation is necessary. Just go to your Area Office (with your i-card) to pick up your keys. Your Hall Coordinators will keep track of who attends training and works during the entire move-in day. Please be aware: if you move in early but do not fulfill the I-Guide expectations, you will be charged for the night(s) you stayed.

How do I sign up to be an I-Guide for Daniels Hall and Sherman Hall?

If you are interested in volunteering as an I-Guide in Daniels or Sherman halls, please send an email to gradhalls@housing.illinois.edu.