Balances After Break

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Prorated Balances During Week After Winter Break

Your meal plan after break resumes on Monday, January 14. Since regular meal weeks normally begin on a Sunday, the meal plans for the week following winter break are prorated. This means you will have fewer meals and Cafe Credits during this week than you would in a regular week during the school year.

Please refer to the chart below for your specific meal plan and see what will appear in your balances.

The regular Weekly Meal Plan balances resume on January 20.

Meal Plan 

Prorated  Classic  Meals  

Prorated Cafe Credits  

6 Classic Meals* 5 NA
All Classic Meals 47 NA
All Cafe Credits (130) 110.50 
12 Classic Meals + 15 Cafe Credits  10  12.75
 10 Classic Meals + 45 Cafe Credits  38.25
6 Classic Meals + 25 Cafe Credits* 21.42 

*These meal plans are only for residents of Sherman and Daniels Halls, apartments, and non-residents.

How Proration is Calculated

The prorated meals were already figured into your meal plan's cost, so you are not paying for "lost" meals. Prorating is calculated by dividing your meal plan into sevenths, representing seven days of the week (Number of days with meals x 1/7 of your meal plan= Prorated meals and credits given).  

Additional Helpful Information