Request Block Housing for 2020–2021

Friends are great. Friends who live next door are even better.

The deadline to submit Block Housing for 2020-2021 has passed.

What's Block Housing?

Block Housing reservations let a group of students reserve rooms or suites near each other in the residence halls before Housing Sign-Up starts. It’s a great way to make sure that you’ll live next to your friends. Current residents are encouraged to sign up with friends you've met through classes, student organizations, living-learning communities, and special interest communities.    

Why should you consider Block Housing?

Simple, you get to live surrounded by your favorite people next year! While it may be possible for friends to select rooms or suites near each other during the Any Room/Any Hall phase of Housing Sign-Up, submitting a Block Housing request helps make living near each other so much easier. And because Room Block assignments happen early in the online housing selection schedule, Block Housing groups are among the first to know their housing assignment. Block Housing is also an easy way to make living arrangements for a coed group of friends.  

Which spaces are available to select?

  • Single, double, and triple rooms and suites may be part of one Block Housing request. Room options include single gender and gender inclusive. 
  • Block Housing groups must have at least eight people reserving at least four rooms in the majority of the undergraduate residence halls.
  • For Bousfield Hall, a group of four may request Block Housing in a suite. For Sherman Hall, a group of three may request a corner of single rooms with a shared bathroom. 

How do we request Block Housing?

Use our Block Housing Form now through September 30 to submit your request! 

  • You will need the name, NetID, and UIN of each person in your group.

  • You will need to designate someone in your Block Housing group as the leader. This person will be the main contact person for communicating any potential changes or questions with the Housing Information Office.

  • You and your Block Housing group members will receive a message with the results of your request and further instructions for confirming your assignment. This message will be sent on October 7.

  • Once group members receive their assignment information, they will need to complete their University Housing Contract. Once you select a room and complete a Housing Contract, you have a 30-day period to cancel the contract with no charge.

  • If someone drops out of the group or cancels their Housing Contract, the Housing Information Office reserves the right to fill any vacancies in the Block Housing group.