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Bousfield resident organizes Star Wars club, creating a new home for those interested in a galaxy far, far away 


A blog post written by Delaney Lawrence 

Austin Justice, resident at Bousfield Hall, is passionate about Star Wars. As a double major in History and Classics, Austin loves learning about cultures from ancient times. He believes his love for Star Wars first stemmed from this interest. 

He explains, “First, it’s sort of a modern mythology – a space odyssey – that, whether intentionally or not, employs some of the themes and motifs of ancient epics. Second, there exists an entire fictionalized universe with its own thousands of years of galactic history and various religions, conflicts, societies, and cultures.”

Due to the large community of Star Wars fans on campus, Austin has made it his mission to organize an official Star Wars club starting in January 2018 to come together and enjoy the famous films. 

“I think it will be a fantastic way to build friendships and share this lifelong passion that so many of us have with other people.”

Austin shares how he has met friends who are also Star Wars fans through classes, living in the residence hall, and eating at the same dining hall. He explains that making friends in the residence hall comes naturally since there are so many people with an array of interests. Inevitably, Star Wars is one of these common interests. 

Once the club begins, Austin wants to structure meetings around the interests of the members. 

“Right now, I’m imagining that we’ll be collecting and trading Star Wars collectibles, having discussions on our favorite Star Wars topics and books, holding trivia contests, watching the films and TV shows, hosting costume competitions, and fundraising to help us attend conventions.” 

Austin is excited and optimistic about the possibilities that lay ahead for the Star Wars Club. 

“Absolutely everybody is welcome in Star Wars Club. If we can get enough enthusiastic people together, I think this can be one of the best clubs at U of I. In the words of Lord Vader, ‘We would be honored if you would join us.’”